How a Facelift in Atlanta Reduces the Aging Effects of Stress

Stress is something that comes from a variety of different factors and it may affect various aspects of your health in a negative way. It is possible for stress to affect your personal life, and arise from so many other factors such as lack of sleep, fatigue, and working throughout the day, leading to harsh effects on your health. Stress targets the major area of our body, the face, resulting in wrinkles, or aging lines to appear before our aging time actually approaches.

The fact remains that our face communicates so much about our personality; it shows our expressions and emotions to others. Eventually, when stress takes a toll, the facial features display the effects of stress and wrinkles tend to develop. Along with stress, other factors such as environmental hazards and sun exposure cause wrinkles and aging lines.

Over the next few days, when you have excess stress, around your eyes, you will notice fatty deposits, as well as around the jowls, and your skin will loosen or sag. Within a short time, your happy looking and friendly face will hide, displaying an overall unhappy and uninterested look to people who come to visit you. This is when you need to consider a facelift in Atlanta, a highly recommended surgery for the aging signs, revealing a younger and more natural looking you!

What Happens During a Facelift Surgery?

The facelift surgery is one for men and women, involving a series of procedures or techniques. Often, when women walk into Crispin Plastic Surgery for a consultation, they learn about how a facelift can tighten the layers of the skin and help to give it a better definition. Board certified plastic surgeons work to manipulate the deep facial lines to lift and release some tissue muscles, which helps to give the face a better, expressive look. In most cases, surgeons also approve patients to combine the procedures with others such as a neck lift. When they perform this procedure with a neck lift, it helps to keep the lower neck as the exact aesthetics of the face.

In some cases, surgeons also perform this surgery to tighten or loosen the wrinkles of the skin. However, at such times, the results of the surgery soon decrease over time and it results in distortion of the facial features, leads to swelling and stretching of the skin.

The American Society of Plastic Surgeons often recommends that great surgeons need to have concerns about the comfort of patients, satisfaction, comfort as well as the long-term results. With this in mind, it is also advisable to evaluate whether the surgeon is a board-certified one or not.

Facelift and Facts on Reversing the Signs of Aging

As you continue to grow older, aging is a natural phenomenon and there is no way to stop this from occurring. It only works to reverse the accumulated signs of cellular aging at once, for some time. This surgical procedure helps to discard the fat underneath the skin, which often is the cause of sagging under the eyes. Rest assured that the results of this procedure last for many years, but depends on how well you care for the results. As you age, the elasticity of the tissues in the skin also diminishes, causing the results to fade away. When the results of the facelift fade away, you will need to opt for a revision procedure, depending on what your surgeon would recommend.

In some cases, your surgeon will also recommend other surgical procedures like a brow lift, all to help support the results of your facelift for a longer time. Keep in mind that a facelift procedure does not re-inflate the results of your face. The results of the procedure can vary from patient to another, especially in those who have heavy tissues or fat. Through the different techniques, surgeons try their best to provide natural and un-operated results.

Other Ways to Keep the Aging Effects of Stress Away

You can limit the aging effects of stress on your face in other simple ways, including keeping a positive attitude. Studies show that people who live their life on the “go with the flow” basis are more resilient and they can manage stress in better ways. As the saying simply goes, it is better to deal with things with a positive attitude. You should be aware of your surrounding and try to keep a positive nature.

Other factors that may contribute to those aging lines include sunlight exposure, intense concentration, poor vision, etc. Whether you want your aging lines to vanish, or simply want to get rid of the fat deposits from your face, a facelift surgery may just be the right solution for all your concerns. It can help to refine your skin, smoothen it out and help to shed many years off your face, leaving you with a glowing and rejuvenated face.


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