Infusion Therapy Traverse City Michigan: Treating type I Diabetes

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Previously, the treatment of juvenile diabetes or Type I diabetes was heavily dependent on the administration of insulin injections for controlling blood glucose levels. Today, insulin infusion therapy Traverse City Michigan (also known as insulin pump therapy) has made the treatment of diabetes comprehensive and painless.

Type I diabetes is an autoimmune disease. It causes the body to destroy the cells that produce insulin, a hormone that is essential to regulate the level of glucose in the body’s blood. The disease typically manifests in childhood or adolescence (although it has been found in infants and young adults).

People with type I diabetes should use manufactured insulin that is administered through the skin directly in the body. Before the development of the insulin pump, the only way to administer the hormone was to inject it into the blood through a needle. The victims had to analyze their blood throughout the day, usually by pricking a finger and applying a drop of blood to a test strip. The strip indicates the levels of glucose in the blood in the body and determines whether or not an insulin injection is needed.

Insulin infusion therapy treatment Michigan is capable of making the delivery of hormone easier and less susceptible to human-inflicted error and the difficulties of conjecture. Insulin infusion is done through the use of an insulin pump.

An insulin pump used in infusion therapy Traverse City consists of a small digitized computer, a cannula (or tube) and a needle. The needle is inserted just below the patient’s skin, usually in the abdominal region. It is usually held in place by a pad or adhesive strip. The needle is connected to the digital pumping device by the cannula. The needle remains under the skin twenty-four hours a day, and the small pump can be attached to clothing, usually a belt or pants. The entire device is relatively discrete and is difficult to detect under a person’s clothing.

The insulin pump contains an internal reservoir that contains the hormone. Instructions for the correct dose amounts and injection times are entered into the computerized device. Once programmed, the device will deliver the hormone through the tube and needle to the body as needed. The pump can also be activated manually if additional insulin doses are needed that have not been pre-programmed in the device.

While searching for infusion therapy near me, please make sure that the insurance companies provide coverage for insulin infusion because it is a new technology. If you intend to cover yourself with a health policy for diabetes treatment, please check to see that it covers the cost insulin pump.  Never undermine the importance of the insulin pump as it makes all the difference between life and death.

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