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Water Filter Pitchers consists of carbon filters that improve the odor and taste of water by removing contaminants. These filters are suited for refrigerators since they can fit inside easily and are inexpensive. Installing Water Filter Pitchers in your household will give you crisp and pure water, which is economical. To learn more about pitchers, you can browse the link, where you will get a detailed report of these pitchers’ effectiveness. Besides, you will be able to select the most appropriate brand of Water Filter Pitchers that suits your premises.

Drinking clean water has many benefits in the human body, and unless you quench the thirst, you won’t be satisfied. It is disappointing to learn that the water you are drinking has a strange smell and taste like various compost, sewage treatment plant, metal, swimming pools, among others. Most people who complain of such cases take regular water direct from the tap without filtering and boiling.  Tap water may contain contaminants such as chlorine, pesticides, fluoride, barium etc., which is not fit for human consumption. As a result, a person may be discouraged not to take water at all or opt to purchase bottled water, which is costly and unsafe. A pitcher will provide the solution by treating your water system problems, and you can enjoy gulps of clean and safe water.

Reasons why you should select a Water Filter Pitcher

Installing a pitcher in your household is an ideal way of taking unpleasant smelling and tasting tap water and turning it into something you will always yearn to drink. Below are various reasons why a water filter pitcher is recommended:

It is cheap and affordable – Purchasing a water filter pitcher is economical compared to installing a whole house filter system. The price depends on the brand you select, and most time, there are fantastic discount offers where after purchasing one pitcher, you get two free filters, which save on budget.

Water filter pitchers are easy to use – You don’t need a professional course to use a pitcher since it only requires a refill with water from your tap. The filter cartridge needs to be replaced regularly in some months` time to increase its efficiency.

It has a large capacity – Pitchers are useful since they can prefilter large quantities of water; hence you can always have extra clean water for storage. It will ensure your household never runs out of clean drinking water on the stock.

Pitchers are ideal for effective water filtration – Pitchers can remove contaminants from your tap water, which may cause illnesses. It will provide clean and pure water that doesn’t have foul odors and taste. Your body requires clean water for its metabolic functions, which plays a vital role in improving your health.

Pitchers are easily portable – A water filter pitcher will provide you ultimate service since it is easy to carry it with you wherever you go. If planning for a vacation, moving to a new house, renting etc., in a place where there is no clean water, you can install your pitcher and enjoy clean water at your comfort.

Things you should consider before purchasing a Water Filter Pitcher

Water filter pitchers’ quality varies in the brand, and selecting it depends on your taste and preference. You should check on the certification of the pitcher to know whether it is valid to remove contaminants. Before making a purchase, whether placing an order online or purchasing it directly from local dealers, there are things you should consider.

The Certification mark – Look for a certification mark that shows the specific contaminants the pitcher removes. Select a pitcher that filters out contaminants like pharmaceuticals, heavy metals, hormones, and volatile organic compounds.

The cost of replacement filters – Filters require regular replacement in some months because those in use get clogged with contaminants and sediments. Look for filters with a filter-life indicator that will notify you when it needs replacement. Consider the price of your selected filter and calculate the total annual cost, which should be affordable.

Identify the contaminants present in your water – You cannot tell the contaminants present in your water by merely examining them with your bare eyes. Foul odor and taste should be a clear indicator that your water contains contaminants. Get a clear report from your local water suppliers’ Consumer Confidence Report to know the contaminant’s specific level.

Effectiveness – The best water filter pitcher removes foul odor and taste and gives your water a different flavor. It should have the ability to get rid of the present contaminants. Different pitchers filter water in different time intervals based on its inbuilt features and efficiency. The flow rate should suit your household needs by providing sufficient water at the desired time.

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