How to Increase Remote Employee Engagement at a Virtual Corporate Meeting

Transitioning from working at an office to working remotely can get overwhelming. However, with virtual meetings becoming commonplace in the corporate setup, focusing on remote employee engagement has also become vital.

You do not want your employees burnt out from attending one virtual meeting after another. A survey by PWC found that the remote working culture has been largely successful. About 72% of US executives are planning to increase investment in tools for virtual collaboration.

The need now is to help employees feel included, know how important they are to the company, and show care for their well-being.

Ways to Increase Remote Employee Engagement at a Virtual Corporate Meeting

Let Participants Connect with Speakers

Any meeting where the host and speakers are the only ones talking could get uninteresting and tiring for the participants. So you need to provide them with the opportunities and tools to connect with the speaker.

There are virtual event platforms available today that allow participants to connect with speakers in virtual rooms for an in-depth discussion of the subject separately. Features like polls, contests, etc., help boost employee engagement in the virtual event.

Use Real-Time Polls

If you notice your employees are hesitant to speak up, live polls are a great tool to include every participant in the virtual meeting. Instead of speaking, employees can cast votes on different polls and still have their opinion known in a discussion.

If you are hosting a meeting with over 100 participants or if the meeting might stretch over a few hours, multiple polls and real-time result discussion can improve remote employee engagement.

Offer Networking Opportunities within the Company

Today, virtual events platforms leverage technology to provide you with the best collaboration tools, like’s agile project management software. For example, you can now offer your employees AI-powered inter-company connections that let employees connect with others in the company, fostering collaboration between employees of various departments. It also helps employees gain perspectives of how different teams are working towards fulfilling the same company objectives.

Encourage Two-Way Conversations

Do not make virtual corporate meetings content-heavy. Understandably, this may not always be a possibility, but keep content to a minimum when you have the chance. Instead, use images, charts, polls and have a lengthier interactive Q&A session.

Let your employees know they are a part of the company. Listen to their opinions, make them feel involved by actively considering any feedback you receive.

Host a Fun Party

Surprise gifts have the potential of brightening even the dullest of workdays. You could send goodies to your employees and enjoy them over a virtual meet-up. For example, you could send them a baking kit, and the whole team could bake over a virtual call.

Similarly, you could send over a painting or gardening kit and let instructors show how to perform the activity over the meeting.

The remote working practice is here to stay. Even with offices opening up, employees would still like the opportunity to work from home occasionally. As employers, your focus should be on improving remote employee engagement by investing in tools and platforms that boost collaboration, interactivity, and social interaction among employees.

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