Importance of drinking water for survival

water is one of the components of survival. Water needs oxygen (and II) for survival only after the need of water. About 60 to 70% of our body is water, which acts as a medium for the body.

So it is impossible to live well without water. And in this summer we get excess water from the body due to sweating, we need extra water.

Who would like water?

One of the six components of food to stay healthy for one person is water. Water does not have its own caloric value. However, she herself works as a food ingredient.

Calories supply energy to the body. And in contrast to every calorie, water needs water. So drink 2-3 liters of water a day. And there is no alternative to this summer.

However, the demand of water for men and women, disease, and worship is different. Besides, women who breastfeed or work harder to feed their children’s needs are more likely than usual to eat fluid food as well as water.

The demand for drinking water increases according to the levels of weather and physical labor. We used to drink some liquid food in the day, but we also got some water on average. The rest of the demand is met through the pure liquid water.

Drinking less than a specified amount will not have any adverse effects. But those who swallow glasses after the glass of glass will have a severe and long-term problem of water.

The role of water in this summer

Cells keep the body healthy by reaching the oxygen in each cell.

Many people have problems digestion in the summer. To overcome this problem, you should drink plenty of water. Water has the role of keeping the lung function normal.

Water removes waste products.

We are suffering from severe skin problems, or everyone is suffering from skin problems. Experts are often advised to drink more often in acne treatment. Keeping the skin healthy, the water retains its age. Waterworks as a disease-resistant body.

Keeps blood flow right.

Creating sweat keeps body temperature under control.

The weight of the water is also under control.

The urethra survives from infection.

Bacterial balance in the gut is maintained.

Which could be due to lack of water

The disintegration of the body in the body means that all physical activities are obstructed. Although some people can survive for a few days without food, it is impossible to survive without water.

When water supply stopped, the first option was to pressurize the blood on the blood. In this, small blood vessels were closed. Blood density increases. Then blood clothed in blood. Afterwards, the injury comes to heart and kidneys.

Disease prevention cannot work. Besides, the water that keeps them from the disease, they become headaches in waterlessness.

Differences between water and other liquids:

There is a considerable difference between other liquids (drinks) with pure water. For example fruit juices, soft drinks, coffee, tea etc.

We drink other liquid drinks without pure water. Even though there is water in liquid drinking water, they carry other components, which in some cases are harmful to the body.

Such as coffee.

Coffee is made with water. But there is an element called caffeine in coffee that disrupts various activities of the body. Again, in addition to water, such as fruit juice, sugar is used, which gives us more calories and also causes more harm than pancreatic excitation. So by drinking water than any other liquid, it is better to meet the daily liquid needs.

Know it. Drink at least 2 liters of water a day. Those who go to gymnasiums or extra ghee should drink them a little more.

When the old age decreases the attraction towards the water. They also have to drink enough water.
Water is more beneficial than tea-coffee and soft drinks.

The natural water is healthier than cold water.

It is easier to keep a number of calculations in bottles than bottles.

A glass of food should be consumed at least 20/25 minutes after the meal and after the meal.

In general, many of the body’s many pro-financial problems can be cut overnight to get enough water. Large quantities of medical expenses may be reduced. So, to stay healthy, it has to do with the natural anti-graft.


So we should drink at least 8 glasses of water per day.and Of course, drinking pure water at all times is very important. Drinking impure water is harmful for health. There is no alternative to using a best water filter pitcher for drinking pure water. I myself use a apec roes-50 reverse osmosis water filter to drink pure water. So my suggestion is to use a good water filter for everyone.

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