What is Page-compare tool?

A page compare tool is basically used to quickly compare the written text, meta information like titles or descriptions, keywords, content and common phrases on the web pages and highlight the similarities. It also helps you to find our errors or something that is your competitor has been doing and you are not. Simply this tool can interest your need to analysis your site’s content. This procedure of comparison can simply be there so that you want to make changes in your web page if you find similar content and want to avoid plagiarism. Or to check and adapt the meta keywords or descriptions. Comparing high DA or PA sites with lower ones may help you bring out the shortcomings in the lower ranked ones. This method can improve the errors and fulfill the shortage of stuff that is keeping it low.

This tool offers the simplest and most user-friendly front-end to the user. Simply paste the two different websites you want to be compared and click on compare pages. In a few seconds, you will get error free results. Page Compare tool will offer you results such as:

  • Page Title
  • Page Description
  • Keywords
  • Content Similarity Percentage

Webmasters and SEO experts are quite familiar and understand the importance of page title. The page title is noted by the search engine crawlers. It is the title of the page that differentiate one page from the other just like every book has a unique name and chapters inside. Similarly, every page has a unique page title. However, the page title must be relevant to the page. For instance, if the page is about how to check plagiarism then the page title must be similarto “How to check plagiarism online?” or “What is plagiarism?”, then it will be considered relevant.

  • Meta description tags are the brief extracts of a page that are relevant to its content. You can generate these tags with the help of code, or you can manually insert them to ensure the relevance. If Meta description tags are not relevant, then Google can extract these briefs from the content.
  • Keywords play their role in describing the content of a specified web site. Google maintains a large area in covering the database of keywords. The keywords are generated on the basis of the written content and database by the site source code. Search engine compares the keywords with the content and lists the keywords that are considered relevant. Keywords are also very important in the ranking in SEO.
  • Content similarity percentage is also very important. It tells about the percentage of the similar content between two different pages. A high percentage of similar content is not considered good.

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