Ideal Weight for Men and Women

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By ideal weight, it refers to the weight which is considered in the healthy range of a person. The ideal weight is the weight which is ‘’perfect’’. A person on the ideal weight does not have to gain or lose any more weight because they have the body that they need. The body is not ‘’weak’’ and neither is a person having the ideal weight, ‘overweight’’.

so there is a moderation in between, the kind of moderation that not only gives you a good body on the outside but on the inside your body is all diseases and illness free.


The ideal weight is dependent upon a number of different factors such as age, gender, height and etc. so there’s not a specific number which can be considered for all the men and women. The ideal weight might be different for a specific age group and might be different for another one.


The ideal body weight of women might be lesser or greater when compared to a specific age group of men. This is because women have to give birth and go through many different things in their lives, therefore, women have a weight system much more complex than it is in men.

As the ideal weight is different for different age groups. For women of height 5’3, it lies between 48 to 63 kgs.
For women of height 5’4, it lies till 65.
for women of height 5’5, it lies till 68 and so on.
It is a continuous manner in which this difference in weight occurs. However, it might be different for people of a specific age group.


The ideal weight of men is somewhat different than men (see the difference by comparing it above and below).
Men have more muscle fat as compared to the normal fat. Usually, men tend to lose weight quicker than women and that is because they are much more social and into sports and such physical activities than women are. For men also, the weight difference lies which has a dependency on the age, height, gender and etc.
Given below are some heights and the ideal weight for each group.
For a guy who has a height of 5’11, the ideal weight is up to 69 kgs. However, you can see that the ideal weight of women is much greater than that of men and that is because of the body changes that women undergo during pregnancies. Women also have an average height which is lesser than men.


There are many factors upon which the ideal weight is dependent. This Ideal Body weight calculator helps the person to insert those factors and then calculate the ideal weight of a person. The calculator is highly helpful as it calculates the weight of every individual. given below is the basic interface of the calculator. It requires some basic information (see the picture below), which is not that personal and so, with in just a few seconds, you can calculate your ideal weight.

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