3 Cleaning Mistakes that a New Housemaid Should Avoid


Frankly, cleaning is not everybody’s favorite activity. Perhaps that’s the reasons as to why some out of them, who simply love cleaning, make it their profession and become cleaning experts. But still it’s really necessary to skip being crushed but the bunch of clutter at your home. If you are an experienced housemaid, you are good to go with your standardized cleaning practices but for the ones, who happens to be the new entrants in this industry, they are most likely to make a few mistakes.

So before you make these mistakes, your employer points and considers hiring another housemaid, it’s important for you to keep in mind these points. Let’s discuss this further;

Starting Wrong

While looking for the housemaids in UAE and finally hiring, your employer was just willing to find the perfect one for this job. If you start at the wrong spot, you simply ruined your first impression. Make sure you don’t start at the wrong spot, otherwise you will have to get back and repeat the steps. First of all, don’t start with the cleaning, DE clutter first. Either discard the unnecessary items or simply put them back at their place.

Once you are done with this, now it’s the time to start cleaning. Simple and the best tip, start from the top and work your way down to the bottom. Get done with the dusting and wiping first, then you can move to the floor cleaning.

Using Wrong Cleaning Products

This would make your employer really angry if you do that. In fact, some new housemaids also go wrong when they use the right cleaning product in the wrong way. So just remember, use the right thing in the right way. If you really don’t have enough idea of how you can do this, you can simply refer to the instruction label pasted on the packaging. Just read it carefully and follow all the instructions in order to get the best result. In fact, it would save a lot of the time and effort you would have put in without having that important piece of information.

Reading labels and paying attention to the ingredients of cleaning products is a must as some chemical formulas can cause skin irritations and respiratory infections. Using natural cleaning supplies is a far healthier and safer choice for you and your family. Cleaning products with harsh chemicals are especially hazardous if you have kids at home. You can create a safer environment for you and your family by switching to all-natural cleaning products such as lasting disinfecting wipes that work effectively for different surfaces and don’t endanger your health.

Dirty Cleaning Tools

Have you ever realized how much debris and bacteria is being spread by the tools you use to clean your utensils? That’s funny, but your aim was to keep the utensils clean but things get quite converse this way. So what are those tools specifically? When is the last time you got your kitchen sponge free of all the bacteria? Yes, the sponge you use carries tons of bacteria. Moreover, you also need to pay attention toward your washing machine that’s actually responsible to wash your clothes but has not yet been cleaned for so long.

Though these are the very basic things to be concerned about, but these very little things impact the employers’ mindset considerably. Just remember, if your employer is not satisfied from you at the very first day, things won’t work out. So just at the beginning and the rest is all your game.


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