How to Make a Name for Yourself in the Minecraft World

Minecraft is one of the most popular games in the gaming world, and it has several aspects, such as mining, hunting, surviving, and creating, attached to it. Making a name for yourself depends on the game’s aspect you want to excel in. While some gamers shine when playing the game in survival mode, others are master builders who create stunning structures and worlds in the creative mode.

Playing games requires you to have some skills. So, if you want to succeed in Minecraft, follow these tips:

Create a banner

A banner is an attractive piece in Minecraft, and it displays several images and patterns. Thanks to Minecraft banner maker, you can easily design a banner to make yourself noticeable. The good thing is that the designing process only needs a few, simple items that are easy to use.

Gather resources early

A map is the only thing you have when you start a new Minecraft game. The first step is to punch tree trunks to get wood, and if there are no trees in the area, gather sand blocks or dirt from the ground. Next, open the crafting menu to craft some wooden sticks and plank blocks using the wood blocks.

Create a shelter

The shelter will protect you against hostile mobs, and you must have it to survive your first night. Build a small, temporary shelter from sand, wooden planks, or any other material, provided it safeguards you from all sides. Later, you can build a better and bigger shelter after discovering a permanent location.

Craft Tools

Tools are vital in Minecraft, as you will require them to design a crafting table from four wooden plan blocks. Your inventory must have the right ingredients to craft an item. Therefore, gather the materials and craft tools you require for survival. You can prepare tools from wood, sticks, gold, diamond, iron, or stone.

While wood-made tools don’t last and are the weakest, diamond tools are the strongest. A sword, axe, pickaxe, shovel, hoe, chest, bed, torches, bed, fishing rods, furnace, and boat are some tools you need to craft to survive.

Look for Food

You need food to survive in Minecraft. As long as your hunger meter is full, your health will refill even if you are injured. You will begin losing health if the hunger meter depletes. Use the crafting table to craft recipes from sugar cane, wheat, or other ingredients.


Exploring is an incredible feature in Minecraft. Use the map to travel the world, and take note of the things that interest you, such as villages, caves, structures, temples, and new biomes. Keep the map safe to avoid crafting a new one and starting the game over again.

Practice building in creative mode

You will have a plentiful supply of resources and blocks when playing via the creative mode. Since creating a complex building through the survival mode is intricate, you should consider using the creative mode. Also, practicing a lot is necessary to enhance your skills.

The Final Say

Since its release over a decade ago, Minecraft remains a renowned video game worldwide. A generation of players play the game for the first time every year, and feeling dazed by the game is natural, especially when facing combat for the first time.

There is much to do and know, including building, exploring, and crafting, because the game regularly receives new updates. Minecraft is artless, but players need to be aware of a couple of tricks. Luckily, the above tips will help you become a complete Minecraft player.

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