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Did you know in 2021, there were 394,100 HVAC contractor jobs in the United States? Finding a reputable contractor is critical if you want to prevent costly mistakes. If you need tips on choosing a contractor, keep reading.

In this guide, you’ll learn how to select an HVAC technician. Think about their experience working on HVAC repair projects. You want to find someone who has the proper insurance coverage as well. 

Learn more by reading the guide below.

Ask for a Recommendation

You should check in with your neighbors, co-workers, or relatives if you need a furnace repair. If you cannot get a recommendation, you can try contacting a local trade organization.

Talk to the references the contractors give you. Ask about the installation job and if the contractor provided adequate service. Did they finish the job on time? Did they do it within the budget?

Repairing an Energy-Efficient HVAC System 

Do you have an energy-efficient HVAC system? You’ll want to find a contractor with experience working on these heating and cooling systems. 

Energy-efficient heating and cooling systems remain popular among homeowners. Keep your system in top shape so you can sell your home for an excellent price later. 

HVAC Technicians Should Visit Your Home 

The contractor you work with should inspect your current heating and cooling system and home. This way, they can assess your particular needs.

If you need a complete repair or new installation, you will need the contractor to review your home. A contractor should choose a system based on the size of your home and the house’s insulation.

An excellent contractor will examine your duct system. They will spend time inspecting the system for air leaks or insulation problems.

Get an Estimate and Written Proposal 

Once you choose a contractor, request a written estimate that’s itemized. You can compare the contractor’s proposal and the costs and warranties.

When you finally pick someone, make sure you get a written proposal. This should include the project’s cost, model numbers, and the job schedule. Make sure you also ask about the warranty.

Some Technicians Have Certifications 

Certified technicians will be able to prove their skills through their various certifications. You can look for a certificate called the North American Technician Excellence certification. 

Finally, the contractor should also have the appropriate liability insurance. You don’t want someone to come to your house and break something. You want to ensure adequate coverage to pay for installation mistakes. 

Find a Reputable HVAC Technician 

Did you find this guide helpful in finding a reputable HVAC technician? Please make sure you speak to previous clients and talk to them. You’ll want to get the right technician for your job.

Find someone who has years of experience. You want an experienced contractor on the job. 

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