How to create an outdoor hosting space at home

Of course, spending time abroad traveling is great fun but there is a real sense of satisfaction in inviting all of your closest friends and family around to your home to sit outside and bask. You may just want to host a drinks party or have a full BBQ, but if you have a garden space then it is well worth investing in to be an event space. People spend years cultivating their gardens and it can seem like a lot of hard work so if you are struggling to figure out where to start then here are just a few ideas for you to get started. 


This is one of the most important aspects of creating an outdoor hosting space in your garden. People don’t mind standing for a little while but eventually, people will want somewhere to sit. When thinking about garden furniture, you also need to make sure that it will survive the year in all weather. Otherwise, you will be replacing your furniture every year. Depending on your style, rattan outdoor furniture has proved to be durable and trendy in recent years at a very affordable price. Also, think about how you can place your seating to make the most of your space. 


One of the most primitive yet exciting aspects of any garden is being able to heat it with a real fire. If you can host people year-round without the cold being too bitter, then adding a fireplace to your garden can mean that your parties don’t need to shuffle inside when it gets dark. Fireplaces make a great area for people to get cozy when the sun goes down and they can be a great place to draw people into for those deep conversations under the night sky. Fire bowls and heat lamps are a great addition to any garden. 

Get the right lighting

There is nothing that kills a mood more than one bright spotlight illuminating your garden and the guests as soon as it gets a little dark. You should think about adding some mood lighting for the evening such as lamps, candles, or lanterns. These will not only look good during the day as an aesthetic but can bring a lovely mood at night. You could even invest in bug lights that will keep the pests away and provide a nice glow. 

A cooking space

Having everyone round for drinks is all well and good, but the real way to make sure people enjoy themselves is to provide food. It doesn’t necessarily have to be super fancy. A BBQ will do. However, if you want to make a real hosting space then you should think about bringing a working kitchen outdoors. Think of a grill, stove, and even a mini fridge. 

Hosting a garden party

One of the best benefits of having a garden is being able to show it off and having the space to have your family and friends come around. It is where the best memories are made. Spend time investing and planning your garden and you will have space that everyone is jealous of. 

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