How to Choose the Globe as a Gift

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With the aid of our guide, you can decide whether to purchase a globe for yourself, a friend, or a loved one. This decision will bring happiness for years to come.

We have distilled the options down to the following four criteria to help you choose: size, color, features, and purpose.

You can find them in homes, antique stores, and collectors’ cabinets. The National Geographic world globe is purchased for academic purposes, decoration, and monetary value (in the case of antiques).


Choosing the right size is among the most crucial components of a globe purchase. If it’s too small, it might blend in with your decor or not give you as much information as you’d like. If it’s too big, it might be too much for your desk or room.

The diameter of a world globe might not fit the available space, so measure the area and compare it to the assembled size specified on the product page. Many floor globes have a wood ring around the national geographic globe that takes up extra space.

Desk globes typically have a 12-inch diameter, while floor globes usually have a 16-inch diameter. Normally, most homes and offices can accommodate these sizes.

You might want to look for a 20-inch diameter or more significant if you’re looking to decorate a lobby, library, or larger office or home space. The more information a globe contains, the more likely it will be more significant.


Of course, color is a crucial factor to consider when decorating. To make it simpler for you to find the ideal match for your needs, we have organized our globes by color.

However, not all colors are available in every size or stand design, so sometimes you have to make concessions to find a globe that has the features you want and fits the area you want to decorate.


Raised relief and illumination are just two of the features that globes have. Remember that a power source is typically required when buying an illuminated globe. The majority of world globes are pre-assembled or include a cord that is five to six feet long. If there isn’t easy access to electricity where you are, you might want to stick with a non-illuminated design.


Being aware of how you plan to use the globe is also crucial. Understanding that an enormous world globe typically contains more information is essential. Stick to the suggested 12-inch diameter globes or larger sizes if your main goal is a reference. Smaller world globes will provide fewer data.

The decorative globes marketed as having minimalist map designs or designer series globes should be avoided. Compared to others, these have a relatively low number of named locations and points of interest. These look great as decorations, but they typically don’t give all the details that a person might need for a reference.

Various Globe Mounting Designs

Globes can be mounted in several different ways. Select a mounting method that will allow you to use the world globe in the most functional way possible.


Describe a Meridian

A meridian can be thought of as a ring that surrounds the entire world. A semi-meridian only spans the northern and southern halves of the globe. This is known as a full meridian if it encircles the whole planet. The globe is fixed to its stand using the meridian.


The “Semi-Meridian” mounting technique covers half of the globe and is typical for most desk globes. The globe can rotate on its axis left or right with this installation.

Meridian in Full Swing

A Full Meridian attached to a yoke is part of the “Full-Swing Meridian,” which gives you two ways to manage your globe. With this design, you can swing the globe up and down in addition to spinning it left to right.

This format is the best way to observe the globe without needing to pick it up.

Entire Meridian

The globe can be rotated left or right on its axis in the “Full Meridian” form, but not up or down like the “Full Swing Meridian.” The “Full Meridian” travels worldwide at a fixed position.

Usually, globes in this form will only be used for decoration. They are beautiful visual representations of the world’s geography that can be used in classrooms or as decorative items in offices. They usually have 12 to 16 inches in diameter and spin on a single-leg base.

Mount Cradle

The “Cradle Mount” design has a full meridian. The meridian is supported by a wooden dowel in the center of the base and is sandwiched between slots in the stand.

With this design, you may rotate the meridian inside the cradle mounting to look at the northern or southern hemispheres and spin the globe left or right on its axis. Generally, it is utilized to mount floor globes.

Floor globes are more significant than desktop globes and take up more area, as the name implies, and what one would expect. The diameter of a typical floor globe is 16 inches, excluding the stands, which might have one, two, three, or four legs. A good globe can quickly become a conversation piece at a workplace, a study, a library, a family room, or even a classroom.

Mount Inclination

The globe sphere is shown in the “Inclination Mounting” at a fixed angle without a meridian. On its axis, the globe can be rotated left or right.

While this mounting is primarily seen on desk globes, it is also on a few floor globes. This mounting approach is thought to be more contemporary and is frequently used on beautiful globe designs.

Sit on Top

With the “Sit on Top” mount, you may take up the globe and arrange it on the base however you like.

Only a few decorative and spinning globe types and some classroom globes use this straightforward mounting mechanism. On floor globes, this mounting is typically not an option.

Thus, there are many varieties of globes, and all of them can be great as a gift. Although the globe may seem like a gift for a particular kind of hobbyist, it can still be used for educational purposes for children or geography students, as well as a decorative item in your office or home library, and stores offer a wide selection to suit all tastes and ages.

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