Home Design: The Aztec Style and Its New World Charm

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Many people around the globe have started to incorporate the magnificent Aztec style into their décor, but little do people know about their dazzling influence. The Aztecs dominated the Mexican culture for years, and even nowadays people tend to keep their culture alive and flourish long after their domination. The strongest effect is present in various statement pieces that now dominate the interior design. Be the one to embrace the new world’s charm and discover how to implement the Aztec style into your loving home.

Opt for the multicolored rugs

Break the dull and timid living room or bedroom by enriching it with an Aztec rug. As this unique style represents a perfect combination of the old and modern age, by placing a colorful and patterned underfoot you would surely upscale the look of your home. Aim to get the ones with geometric patterns that perfectly blend with the surrounding ambient.

Add historical art pieces

The Aztecs had numerous religious festivities that they were famous for. One of them was the celebration and honoring of Mictecacihuatl, the goddess of death, and as the history of the day of the dead specifies she used to have flayed skin and gaping skeletal jaws. Hence, you can implement this Aztecan tradition by honoring her and placing a sugar skull, for instance, that resembles her appearance. Other suggestions are placing sculptures or masks that showcase Aztecan gods. In any case, you would have a gorgeous ornament decorating your home.

Showcase the genuine Aztecan work

As they were rather specific in the religion, tradition, and style, it’s no wonder that some pieces of art that were made in their era are still widely widespread now. Even though you may not get the authentic artwork, you can still find and hang truly amazing pictures and art that represent their culture. Any wooden or wrought iron furniture would adequately mimic their style. Adding cubic and geometric patterned floor cushions, blankets or hanging art to the interior will also finely tune-in with their style.

Opt for warm hues

The Aztec style and its contemporary charm slowly attract most designers to insert some of their elements into the modern-day way of living. That’s why you might have noticed that the key to incorporating their style starts with warm and earthy colors. Ochre, beige, and various shades of red, orange, and yellow are welcomed. Likewise, any wooden element in combination with faux suede furniture paint can blend perfectly in any environment. That was mainly for the furniture, and go for cappuccino, ivory, or cream hues for the walls to create a petite contrast.

Embrace the wild accents

Besides the famous tribal patterns and symbols, the Aztec style can be evident in so many other forms and details. Decorate your living space by choosing black and white arrow pictures, bed sheets, table cloths, napkins, and even wallpapers. Just like with other symbols, arrows are another characterization of their existence and art. Instead of merely hanging or sticking arrows, you can even paint them yourself in various colors to get a closer look at their culture.

Be inspirational – go for decals

Instead of just printing or hand-drawing a symbolic Aztecan pattern, try out decals. This is a flabbergasting way to pay homage to Aztecan culture. Unlike basic and tedious stickers, decals are decorative three-layered stickers that can be transferred from one surface to another. Nowadays, you can find an abundance of Aztec-inspired tribal and patterned decals that you can stick to your existing furniture and revive the look of your interior.

Without a doubt, this is certainly a unique style that is conquering modern design by lighting speed. With vivid patterns, historical ornaments, and luscious colors, any home can look sensations and wild at the same time.

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