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Dogs are the most favorite pet for us. Most of the dogs are interested in chewing. Chewing is a perfect option to keep our dogs busy. All chews have few purposes in the dog’s life. Chewing helps to strengthen the teeth, it provides natural mineral for the bone and joint health and many more. Dogs are very adorable and playful. If you bring a dog as your pet, you must take care of him or her. Most people have the desire to have a dog in their house. But there are lots of responsibilities you have to take. You have to give the attention, love and time. Be very careful about the food which you bring for your pet. Be very selective of the chews for your pet. The chews are available in the market from the lowest to the highest range and different shapes and tastes.

Few Best Healthy Chews For Dogs

Chewing is a good habit for dogs. It helps the teeth of the dog to be strong. The dogs are enjoying this chewing very much. But one thing you have to remember that all the healthychews are not side effects free. There are many chews which have a lot of side effects. These side effects can irritate the dog or make him or her very much furious or aggressive. In the market, this healthy chews are liked by all the dogs. The best healthy chews in the market are-

1. Beef Kneecaps:

These beef kneecaps contain any cartilages. Beef kneecaps are meaty bones. It helps your dog to engage in it for a long period. Cartilage is the best thing for the dog’s joints and bones. This healthychew is quite messy and smelly. This type of healthy chews is cooked first then serves the dogs.

2. Lamb Horns:

This type of healthy chew is very popular today.  It is the newest natural healthy chew. Horns are very high in protein. It is very hard and doesn’t split easily. It keeps the dogs busy in it. This lamb horn is one of the best healthychews. it can be a great replacement for the rice meal.

3. Elk Antler:

It is the longest-lasting natural healthy chew for the dogs. If your dog is not satisfied with any other healthy chews then you can select this elk antler. It takes a lot of time to finish and engage the pet in this chew for a long time.

4. Row Bones:

Row bones are the safest healthychews for your dog. This healthy chew helps the dental health of your dog and makes the teeth more strong. It gives essential minerals like calcium and phosphorus which helps their body to maintain the skeleton structure and organic function.

Row Bones chews

5. Beef Ribs:

Dogs are love to chewing this healthy chew. Dogs prefer the ribs as chewing because this healthy chew helps to get strong the teeth and the dental condition. It takes a lot of time to crack. Ribs bone should be large so that the dog can take it in his or her mouth at one time.

6. Beef Hooves:

If your dog is a big chewer then you should choose this healthy chew. These beef hooves are very durable and long-lasting. Beef hooves can be filled with many stuffing like peanut stuffing or Kong stuffing for some enjoyment of the dogs.

7. Rubber Chews:

Those dogs who love to chew all day, these rubber chews are the best example for them. This healthychew is cannot consume within a short time. It is also the best natural chewing for all dogs. For more information visit to

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