A Guide to Buying a Perfect Dog Harness for Larger Breeds

While buying a dog harness may seem unnecessary for a small dog breed owner, it is beneficial if you own a large dog like a Mastiff or a Saint Bernard. You can find some of the best brands of this equipment like Babyltrl Dog Harness on the internet or in local stores.

Choosing the right type and size of dog harness can be a daunting task. You must select the accessory that matches the height and weight of your furry friend.

Read on to understand how to choose the perfect dog harness for larger canines.

What is a Dog Harness?

A dog harness consists of straps that surround the dog’s front part of the body. The connecting straps help to give a better hold while walking around. Harnesses provide better support than a collar or a leash around the dog. It is imperative to invest in a dog harness if you have a large dog at home.

Tips to Select the Best Harness for Your Canine Friend

According to Forbes, a dog harness plays a vital role in keeping your pet safe while going on long drives and walks. It is an essential accessory that, along with maximizing your pet’s safety, gives you better control over them. Below are some essential factors for you to consider while buying a dog harness.

Types of Dog Harnesses

Here are some of the common types of dog harnesses you can find in the market.

Back-clip Harness: In this type of harness, the D-ring, which connects to the leash, is placed on the top side, away from the dog’s mouth. The leash is covered in soft padding and has an elastic strap around the neck.

Front-clip Harness: In a front-clip harness, the D-ring is placed on the dog’s chest. It is ideal for giant breeds to control their behavior by pulling them back and slowing them down.

Dual-clip Harness: This harness has two options. You can choose to either attach the leash to the back or front side of the dog. You can buy a good brand like a Babyltrldog harness with a nylon strap and easy lock mechanism for your pet.

Head-halters: These harnesses that resemble a muzzle are a popular choice for larger breeds of canines. It comes with a dual-loop under the dog’s jawline for extra support and safety.

Choose the Right Size and Fabric

Before buying a dog harness, it is essential to measure your pet’s size. You can then compare the online sizing guidelines for buying the right protective belt for them.

Most harnesses are made from nylon, synthetic fabric, or leather. It would be best if you chose a soft, padded strap that can keep your four-legged friend safe and comfortable for the longest time. You can also select water-resistant dog gear to avoid chafing and skin diseases in the rainy season.

Try and Check Before Buying

A dog harness should fit your pet snugly and not be too tight on the skin. You should try one before you invest in an expensive brand.

It is essential to select the dog accessory with adjustment points to give your pet free movement.

Final Note

Buying a wrong-sized dog harness can put your furry friend in pain and compel them to try to wriggle out. It is, therefore, crucial to invest in a good brand, which is less restrictive but will also give you the power to control large dog breeds.

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