Gold Bullion: How It Is Made And The Various Purities

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We all love buying gold; this alluring yellow metal is a precious commodity that has been the foundation of the global wealth system since man first began trading. If you ever wondered how gold is made into specific size bars or ingots, you have come to the right place.

Gold Purity

For gold to be called ‘bullion’, it must be 99.9% pure and the refining process takes place when the gold is melted into bars and ingots, which is done today using an electronic refining process. Once the gold has been verified as being of the right purity, it is reheated and poured into molds, which come in the following sizes:

  • 1-ounce ingot
  • 2-ounce ingot
  • 5-ounce ingot
  • 10-ounce bar
  • 100gm ingot
  • 250gm bar
  • 500gm bar
  • 1kg bar

If you would like to buy gold, there are dealers that offer gold bullion from their offices and they offer the best gold bar value. When buying gold bullion, it is critical that you take physical delivery of your gold and you should carry out the transaction in the secure offices of the gold bullion dealer.

Gold Bullion Coins

If the thought of buying gold bars or ingots does little to excite you, why not start collecting gold in the form of coins? There are numerous gold coins that are globally recognized, such as:

  • The American Eagle – This weighs exactly one troy ounce and is a very attractive coin, where the value is not the face value of the coin, but the actual weight and purity of the gold.
  • The American Buffalo – This is the purest gold coin that the US Mint produces and much like the American Eagle, the Buffalo coin is very much sought after and is considered to be a safe investment.
  • Canadian Maple Leaf – Canada’s answer to the US coins, the Maple Leaf is as pure as the American coins. For many years, the Canadian Maple Leaf and the South African Krugerrand were the only two pure gold coins available.
  • British Britannia – The UK’s creation, contains one full troy ounce of gold and this coin is a firm favorite with many private investors.

The gold bullion dealer would have a stock of all of the above gold coins, plus they would have bars and ingots of various sizes, and using the bullion dealer’s website, you can book a time to visit their offices and make a purchase.

Gold is a Top Performer

If you take 2020 as an example, the price of gold rose by 24.4% for the year, which is a very good return and if you have investments in stocks, shares of fiat currency, now is the time to switch to gold bullion.

With the current pandemic causing economic problems all over the world, now is a very good time to invest in gold, and with so many bar sizes, you can store your wealth in a safety deposit box or a concealed safe at home.

When it comes to buying gold bars, you can explore various purities and learn how gold bullion is made on this informative page.

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