Finding Her Perfect Timepiece- Here’s What Women Look For In a Watch

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With the watch industry having evolved over time, the extensive range of choice offered to us may be bewildering. Making a choice becomes all the more difficult since watches have become more than just an accessory and have come to represent our unique style.

When buying a watch for a lady, you might come across the typical ‘feminine’ watches- delicate, unnecessarily glitzy and embedded with jewels. While this is completely acceptable for those who want exactly the same, there are women who want to widen the scope of the features offered to them. These latest wrist watches for ladies may end your quest for the right watch.

  • Simplicity
    Sometimes, a touch of elegance is all one needs. In contrast to the bejeweled, dazzling pieces that women often come across, this monochrome piece oozes grace and simplicity. Its smooth steel exterior is the perfect background to its soft ombre dial. This watch is versatile and can be paired with anything, from a formal shirt to a casual summery dress without ruining the look. Keep it simple; keep it stylish with this masterpiece.
  • Convenience
    With a fast-paced lifestyle, the last thing a woman wants is a fragile piece that needs to be frequently repaired. What she does need, though, is a comfortable and convenient watch that lives up to her lifestyle and doesn’t add to the hassles of her life. And so, this stunner, with a sunray black dial fits the role quite well. Its bracelet style saves time, and it is light to carry as well.
  • A Modern Look
    What a modern woman needs is the perfect modern-looking watch, to dismantle the established idea of ‘femininity’ and show the world that she can carry whatever she wants with the same style. This bracelet style watch with a Satin finish turquoise blue dial can surely make a statement. A modern watch does not always have to be digital, it all depends on its sleekness. Look fresh with this trendy watch!
  • A Touch Of Royalty
    All this being said, there is no way we can antagonize jewels and gems for those who love a little shine on their watches. Don’t worry, there is a match for that as well. The design around the dial might look like jewels, but it is actually metal, which makes it easy to maintain the watch. This exquisite watch features just the right amount of glitz anyone would want on their watch and looks stunning with its beautiful red dial. There is no better piece than this to glam up ethnic outfits. Sport it with a saree, a lehenga, a kurti, to steal some attention.Falling in the category of best wrist watch brands in India, you can find watches for every person, every style and every occasion in the Helix collection.
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