Everything You Should Know About Sun Protection Clothing

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In the present-day world, there are multiple skin diseases caused due to overexposure to the sun. The most well-known example of this is skin cancer. For many, skin burns and tanning are major issues, but even minimal care can go a long way in avoiding many ailments. Usually, most people use SPF creams and lotions, lathering them on their bodies to prevent harm from the ultraviolet rays.

Sun protection creams come in small tubes and get applied in large quantities. However, if you want a more sustainable solution, then you must look for clothing with sun protection instead. Sun protection clothing can be of different body parts such as arm sleeves, legs, and so on. Companies such as SParms even concentrate on specific body parts, mainly the arms, as the arms are the most exposed to the sun after the face. 

Why Wear Sun-Protective Clothing?

A lot of generic waste gets produced from the cosmetic and skin care industry. Many skincare companies are looking for a reusable sun protection option, but not many companies currently have one. However, businesses such as SParms produce economical and reusable alternatives. 

The most sustainable and readily available alternative to applying multiple bottles of sunscreen is wearing sun-protective clothing.

Many people are concerned about getting hot wearing this clothing, but they go primarily on open parts such as your arms, so it does not become an issue. Also, UV-protecting cloth fabric is breathable and comfortable, which you can wear in any weather. 

How Does Sun Protective Clothing Work?

The word SPF stands for Sun Protection Factor. The sunscreen goes through various tests in chemical screenings, which determine its SPF. On the other hand, Sun protective clothing does not need chemical screenings and depends more on how close the fabric gets knit. While the material is not too thin or too thick, it forms a uniform layer of protection over the skin. 

Many companies use a unique material that resists UV rays. 

What matters in this type of clothing is how closely it is knitted together. If the clothing is knit closely together, it is difficult for the sun rays to penetrate the clothes. That is how they work since there is no complex formula reworking behind how clothes can protect people from the sun.

What Sun Protective Clothing Should You Wear?

When speaking of Sun protective clothing, this clothing involves caps and other everyday clothes. At the same time, specific sun-protective clothes are also present in the market. Sun protective clothing that you can wear includes arm sleeves, shirts, trousers, socks, and even face masks. There is no particular kind of clothing that you should wear, especially to protect yourself from sun damage. You can wear sun-protective clothing on whatever part is most susceptible to the sun according to your needs. 


The skin covers the entire body and is susceptible to harmful rays that can peek through your clothing. Therefore to protect it from harmful ultraviolet rays, it’s necessary to choose the right clothing. Sun-protective clothing can last a long time comparatively and is sustainable.

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