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The reasons for hair loss are numerous and are mostly benign. Aging, hormonal changes, lack of a certain vitamin, exposure to stress, and inadequate nutrition are among the most common causes of this phenomenon. Due to rigorous diets, protein and vitamin B deficiency occurs. It is a little-known fact that proteins are an integral element of our hair and that their absence directly affects hair loss. Also in men, the presence of the DHT hormone is often associated with hair loss. In any case, a lack of hair can significantly affect self-confidence, so it is always good to know about some ways and recipes to prevent this. In the text, we will discuss some methods that have proven to be very successful in the fight against hair loss.

A yeast mask helps against hair loss

As said, vitamin B deficiency is often linked with hair loss. Therefore, highly effective treatment of hair loss might be with the help of a yeast mask.

One of the natural remedies that are recommended for hair loss and are suited for all skin types is a yeast and honey mask. This mask has proven to be an irreplaceable natural remedy in the fight against hair loss, and in addition, the mask has proven to be an excellent natural cure against dandruff. The yeast and honey mask should be used once a week and its use should be systemic for 10 to 15 weeks so that the results are more visible and long-lasting. After 15 treatments, you should take a break of 3 months. Treatments can then be repeated as needed.

It is important for a person to be persistent in using this mask in order for the effects to really be there. A yeast and honey mask is easy to make. One tablespoon of honey and sugar should be dissolved in warm milk, and 20 grams of fresh yeast should be added to that mass. The mixture is left for 20 minutes to rise, and then one egg yolk is added to it and mixed until the ingredients are even. The mask obtained in this way is applied to damp hair and left on the head for up to an hour. After that, the hair should be washed well. You can change the composition of the mask by adding olive or castor oil, aloe juice, or yogurt. What is important is that yeast is not left out, because it is an integral and basic part of the mixture.


Finasteride has long been known as the active ingredient in medicines such as Propecia, a tablet orally used to prevent hair growth in women, as hormonal therapy for transgender women, and even for prostatic hyperplasia in men. Most notably, the use of this medicine has been popularized due to its application in the treatment of hair loss in men. Finasteride is one of the two FDA-approved “cures“ for hair loss, the second being minoxidil, and has been considered an effective remedy.

The oral consumption of this cure to treat hair loss is somewhat debatable, and as with every pill, it has to go through your whole digestive system and other organs to reach its goal. This can become burdensome on the liver and kidneys, which brings the question: what about a topical appliance? Well, the short answer is yes, it is effective and can prevent hair loss. The science behind it is quite simple, as most men are experiencing hair loss due to the presence of the hormone DHT (which conveniently is a side product of testosterone production—which also explains why women are experiencing less hair loss). These drugs, when applied topically, act as a barrier, making it impossible for DHT to block the growth of new hair. With topical usage, you’ll have better results and spare your organs all the pill intake.

Of course, you’ll have to consider genetic factors. Someone’s hair is just more resistant to DHT or produces less of it. But, if you are not among those men, you can help yourself out with these remedies, and in most cases, the results are visible within the first month.

Nettle for faster hair growth

This plant is rich in minerals and vitamins that are important for hair, so it should come as no surprise that nettle shampoo has been used extensively before. It has been proven that this plant really helps hair regrowth because it strengthens the hair root, eliminates dandruff, and prevents hair loss. In addition to the traditional nettle shampoo, a simple solution can be made that also has a positive effect and stimulates hair growth. The two basic and only ingredients in this solution are water and fresh nettle leaves. The leaves are added to 2 liters of water and left until the water boils. In order to get results, you should wash your hair with this solution at least 3 times a week.

We forgot to mention that the most effective treatment might be to change your lifestyle, exercise a lot, and have a rich protein diet. Also, stress less, and avoid exposure to any harmful chemicals, as this only puts an additional burden on your hair. If nothing works, it might be worth considering transplanting hair. The treatment has proven extremely successful. The follicles on the back of your head, which are resistant to DHT, are taken and transplanted to the front of your scalp. Within the first month, you’ll see changes in thickness and hair count. This, of course, is mostly recommended for people who are suffering from extensive hair loss, while milder cases are recommended to try the above-mentioned remedies.

In any case, it will take some time to adjust to the reality of hair loss. Don’t lose hope as the effects are not irreversible, especially in the beginning phases.

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