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Duonao tv is a trendy website in china for pirated films. Moreover, most users of it are young people. The age group of 11 years to 28 years is the primary users of this site. Over 6% of total users came from this user circle.

As technology fastens, everything has changed. From a man’s daily life to his daily need, everything now depends on technology. Internet set up a new benchmark for everyone’s life. As we earlier enjoy our free time, the internet replaced them with its media.

Media consumption changed also. We are not now sitting back at a television with the cable network. We are now enjoying media with fast internet. Whenever we want we can entertain ourselves with mobile and the internet. In fact, The theory of media completely changed when the online streaming platforms started to catch the market.

Online streaming platforms connect with their clients directly. Moreover, if the streaming platform is a pirated site, it made a strong connection with the crowd. In other words, the pirated site has not any central point server. Therefore, it can not disturbs the advancement of website information.

The UK film industry can not fulfill the Chinese delivery date. However, the industry has a huge fan following in China. It is quite tough for the UK film industry to meet the Chinese season of delivery. Therefore, it would be better to postpone the delivery date of the Chinese film for several weeks. Moreover, duonao is made its name for downloading pirated Chinese movies.

What Is Duonao TV?

In the latest report on TV recent surveys, it is found that duonao is the most popular and famous site for pirate films. Although its customer is mainly young ages the all aged customer has reached the site.

The website was utilized by 19 years old college students access to it at one time. Moreover, the age group between 11 years to 18 years and 28 years of age and above are also used this website heavily.

Why Duonao Is Popular In China?

Duonao tv is gaining popularity in china day by day. As the UK filmmaker does not match the Chinese media industry release date, they lose the bulk of Chinese customers as a viewer. To tackle this problem, the UK film industry needs to defer its Chinese movies for at least one week. Therefore, UK film distributors need to pause the movie release for one week before it comes into the market.

However, duonao has not so much expertise in English and Chinese language skills. But it had a remarkable place in the industry of downloading pirated Chinese films. In fact, it is hosted with fragile copyright rules and regulations.

Why Duonao Is Famous for Pirated Chinese Flims?

The popularity of the site may be for the liberalization and its review. The reviewers might not have professional film-reviewing experiences. Therefore they might give the review unfiltered. Moreover, they are likely to be onymous. They often review the film from bottom of their heart and others pay them to give review the film.

However, duotones have some biased opinions on the film, so their opinion might not honest. Duonao tv review has some disadvantages too. Like review can not be as objective as a traditional film. Major reviewers give their opinion after the movie releases. This makes sense that the viewers are interconnected and more involved in the discussion. Many critics also opine that lack of bourgeois film criticizaton also, unequal understandings of pictures.

Duonao Film Review-

The first things that were found from investigated research, 61% of users of duonao tv were younger than the average age of total users. Moreover, the average usage of consumption of video is four days. In a poll of users, several questions were asked. Like the quality of stolen content, Regarding the content, and Their opinion about copyright issues. However, the survey was not founded illegally. Therefore it is clear that Chinese customers had the intention to share illicit content. Although duonao has gained massive popularity, reviews are sometimes found unprofessional and you can not control it.

In fact, the popularity of these reviews shows that the site has a large number of dedicated customers. The reviewers are not from professional backgrounds to give feedback about movies. In other words, a film review of experts is organized and does not have an illogical point. Duonao tv review offers its customers to share their opinion and what they felt after watching the movie. It also takes viewers’ curiosity. It has advantages and disadvantages for the different categories of film reviewers.

Nature Of Film-

Film reviews are one of the main reasons behind its success in China. In fact, you find a site that has weak copyright legality issues than the United Kingdom. In addition, they are not professional, so they make reviews on the basis of films they saw. They are sincere and make comments from the heart. Despite the fact, duonao is more famous in China than the other part of the world, the website will remain illegal and its content will never be authentic.

Users Of Duonao tv apk-

Duonao users are now not imparted with the mainstream critics of the film. As we already mentioned a young age people mostly used the app. As it is a pirated site most popular in China, the age group of 11 years to 19 years and 28 years or above loves the app. However, as we already mentioned 61% of total users are younger than the average age of total app users.

TV guided work-

When adding your favorites to your list, like movies, shows, sports teams, actors, and singers, your watch list displays all the possible ways to enjoy the content. You can stream it on tv, on-demand, and even on DVD too. After that, you can enjoy the content via Hulu Plus, HBO GO, The CW, liquid ecstasy GO, and Crackle.

Duonao IFun TV-

This is a Chinese iFun TV. This has over a hundred million customers around the globe. The uncovered streaming platform gives the perfect opportunities to channels and customers to learn more.

Moreover, you can duonao iFun Tv from anywhere, as it has not any area or location boundary. However, it has not delivered a huge amount of English language content. It majorly offers Chinese language television applications and movies.

Duonao Com-

The legal point is a key issue for duonao. It is a crucial question that arises in the Chinese film industry. The western film uploaded on this site is well appreciated by customers. In fact, it is a very tough job for United Kingdom’s film industry to match up with the Chinese film industry movie date. The film distributor United Kingdom could not release the movie at the same time as the Chinese release. It was delayed by at least a week.

However, the name duonao has changed recently. Its new name is IFVOD. But you can still access it. You may go to duonuo.com to enjoy the Chinese tv shows and movies from any country you live in. in fact, you do not need a VPN to watch Chinese movies. You are accessing the most pirated movie shows on this streaming platform. However, you are advised to not believe the subtitles, as it is likely to be perfect.

A Wide Range Of Chinese Channels-

You will find a large number of tv channels on duonao tv. Majorly these channels are popular in the hong kong and Taiwan regions. iTalkBB is another great option for streaming, which has a special feature of 72- hours replay. This feature might be useful for those, who want to enjoy the most recent show streaming. Therefore you can watch the missing show on the channel’s menu.


The app duonao is a great way to get entertainment in china. It provides several TV channels in China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan. More the user-friendly interface attracts customers more to the app. Also, you may get several special features of 72 hours to replay in an app like the iTalkBB TV app. You may choose duonao for experiencing live sports.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)-

1. What is duonao?

Duonao is a popular pirated website. You can download movies, tv shows from the site.

2. Duonao app is famous in which country?

The app duonao is majorly famous in China.

3. Who is the major user of the app?

Young age people is the major user of the app. As it is said that 61% of users of duonao are younger than the average age. You can understand how young people use this app.

4. Is Duonao legal?

Not sure about it. As it is a pirated site, it never is a legal site to use.

5. Is duonao support subtitle?

Yes, some content support subtitle. But most of the time they are not perfect.

6. Why duonao app is so famous in China?

Duonao app is famous in china because of the weak copyright law, liberalization, and reviews.

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