Don’t Believe the Myths About Teeth Whitening

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A gorgeous smile happens to be a source of joy forever. Undoubtedly, it is one of the greatest assets that you have. A stunning smile not only enhances you self-image and self-confidence, but it also helps in creating a positive impression of yours when you are interacting socially.

It is for this reason that more and more people are craving for the perfect Hollywood smile these days. But there are also those who have lots of doubts associated with the professional cosmetic dental treatments like teeth whitening which are serving as constraints in their path to achieve a beautiful smile.

Professional teeth whitening treatment has proven to be highly beneficial for millions of people who have opted for it. It is a great confidence booster as you flash a million-dollar smile made of pearly whites that is admired by every onlooker near and far.

To help shed your doubts, here an attempt is being made to debunk the myths associated with the teeth whitening treatment so that you are not held back because of the lack of correct knowledge.

• Myth 1 – Teeth Whitening is Not for People with Sensitive Teeth

Fact – The sensitivity from hot and cold temperatures is different from the minor sensitivity that you experience when you are opting for professional teeth whitening treatment. The general sensitivity can be caused by a number of problems associated with the oral health. That is why you should consult with your dentist for the cause and right treatment for your sensitivity. Nevertheless, the good news is that the sensitivity related to the whitening treatment can be decreased to a great extent by using the desensitizing products before and after the treatment.

• Myth 2 – Teeth Whitening Is Not for People with Excessive Dental Work

Fact – On the contrary, teeth whitening happens to be a simple cosmetic therapy that you can still go for even if you have got heavy dental work. In spite of the presence of the crowns, veneers and caps, there are ways to achieve a whitened smile. As the dental work will not get whitened as the natural teeth, you must drink with straw, use whitening rinses or toothpastes and brush every time you eat.

• Myth 3 – Repeated Whitening Damages the Enamel of the Teeth

Fact – The myth that teeth whitening can harm the teeth enamel is not at all true. This can be said about the teeth whitening treatments conducted at home. But the professional teeth whitening treatment implemented by the dentist does not damage the enamel in any way. The enamel pores are opened up gently so that the bleaching agents can reach beneath the teeth surface. After a couple of days of the teeth whitening treatment, the pores close up leaving the teeth in the original form.

• Myth 4 – Teeth Whitening is Painful

Fact – Teeth whitening treatments are not at all painful. On the contrary, they are safe. Nevertheless, it should be said that the bleaching agent can give rise to some amount of discomfort when it touches the gums. Most dentists use a gingival barrier that prevents the solution from coming in contact with the gums.

• Myth 5 – Teeth Stain Faster after Whitening

Fact – Teeth whitening will make the teeth more prone to stains is something that is not true. In the first two days after the whitening process, you should avoid any food and beverage that can result in staining of the teeth like berries, coffee etc. The teeth will restore the newly whitened shade after the pores in the enamel close. You can protect the teeth from future stains by using the straw when drinking beverages and rinsing the mouth with water after eating.

• Myth 6 – You Can Get Oral Cancer by Opting for Teeth Whitening

Fact – Many people think that because of the chemicals used in the whitening products, the teeth whitening process can lead to oral cancer. However, several studies have been conducted in this regard that clearly say that teeth whitening has nothing to do with the oral cancer.

The above are some of the myths associated with teeth whitening treatment that you should steer clear of. Just like the tooth cavity treatmentteeth whitening is also a safe process that anyone can opt for when they want to achieve a dream smile. Consult with your dentist today if you want a gleaming smile that you have always craved for.

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