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Cheap academic writing services – is it risky or beneficial to address them? We are not speaking about stupidly cheap offers, which are very unreliable and mostly plagiarized. However, the prices in the academic writing market differ too much and it is evident that mostly you are not eager to overpay for services, especially when you are looking for a custom writing agency for daily use. We are sure you are well aware of the drawbacks of cheap agencies, which are, however, scarce, so not to bore you, we have gathered the benefits of cheap custom writing services.

Well-Organized Service

It is a mistake to think that expensive agencies have better service than cheap ones. Of course, most probably, when you address an expensive agency, you will receive an answer not in 5 minutes but immediately, and the design of the online-chat will be more modern. However, service members working for cheap writing agencies are more experienced, they have solved much more different questions and issues. You will receive more well-thought-out answers.

Everything is Fair

Fair pricing policy is the best thing about cheap writing agencies. We’ve already said that we are not talking about services asking for nominal $3 per page – they cannot be professional. However, 9-11$ per page for a high-school level essay is a fair price, while $20 in this situation would be unfair. It would mean that owners of the writing service just double their profit, but hardly double the quality. When you order a cheaper paper you receive basically the same quality at the smaller price. Profit!

Experienced Writers at Your Disposal

Master’s and Ph.D. degree holding authors capable of writing potentially successful papers are paid approximately the same per page no matter for which reliable agency they work. Being paid not per month but per order or per page. It means they are interested in receiving a substantial load of assignments. They are the same people as you are – they have their own expenses, budget, and they should plan it. To plan it, authors should know that an agency they work for will be able to provide them with enough assignments per month. Very expensive agencies don’t have a constant flow of orders – mostly students address them when being in crisis or when they can’t deal with a genuinely complex assignment. That is why writers often prefer to write for cheap writing agencies instead of applying to boutique, “elite” ones. Here they have a load of authors, predictable monthly profit, etc. They get more and more experienced, and it is very beneficial for you as for a client.

Discounts for Loyal Clients

Cheap custom writing agencies exist because of the flow of orders, so they are interested in returning clients on whom they can count to cover necessary organizational expenses. To attract such clients cheap agencies establish discounts which grow according to the accumulated sum of your orders. For example, you’ve ordered nine papers and paid $620 for them. Next time you will be entitled to 5% discount, for instance. Such a system makes buying cheap writing services even more profitable and advantageous.

Buying with cheap custom writing services can be beneficial if you follow basic safety rules. Make sure that a writing agency you consider to address, offers free revisions and Money Back Guarantee. Pay attention to the available payment options and check if they are secure enough. Ask about the background of the assigned writer and if you like him or her after the first order, try to buy all the upcoming essays and research papers from him. Don’t overpay for something you can get cheaper without compromising on quality!

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