All the different types of kitchen knife you need to be an aspiring chef

If you are an aspiring chef, you will need to invest money in utilities and appliances besides spending more time in the kitchen. If you are looking to try out and prepare the delicacies as seen on the various top-chef programs, one thing becomes apparent – you need an entire set of knives. But the truth is, how to choose the right ones you need?

It is vital to understand that there are several types of knives based on their purpose and usage. Sure, we all have the habit of using the same kitchen knife for fishes to fruits, but that is not how to go if you are looking to make it to the big-time. In the following list, we have carefully compiled a list of all the kitchen knives you will need to be a professional chef.

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5” utility knife

The 5″ kitchen knife is the ultimate utility tool and the best all-purpose tool you can have around the kitchen for all the general tasks. The 5″ is well balanced and is best for chopping smaller items, especially meat, herbs, vegetables, and fruits. It is an exact tool compared to the larger chef knives and cleavers and is often called a “sandwich” knife.

The 8” slicing knife

The 8″ is easily identifiable with its long and thin blade, making the tool “most-wanted” by every chef worldwide. The delicate blade is perfect for making precise cuts and encourages the sawing action when carving meats. If you are looking to slice up a salad dish or meat, you cannot go wrong with the slicing knife.

The 8” bread knife

Bread knives have serrated edges, which makes the tool ideal for handling bread. We can use many knives with bread, but chances are they will all fall short with the serrated blade feature. The serrations allow the blade to slice through even the most demanding piece or loaf of bread. The bread knife can prove to be challenging to sharpen. However, it makes up for the drawback without ever crushing your bread when you cut using a bread knife.

6” boning knife

The boning knife is the perfect tool for all meat lovers out there. The boning knife has a perfectly curved blade, making it easier to cut meat while gliding through joints, sinews, and tendons. If you are looking for an all-purpose knife to use on both fish and meat, then look no further than a VERTOKU 6” boning knife.

Paring knife

The paring knife is petite, but don’t let the size fool you. The paring knife is helpful for delicate and intricate cutting tasks. If you are looking for the ideal tool to handle all the mincing and dicing requirements, then the paring knife the perfect multipurpose kitchen weapon in your arsenal.

The cleaver

The cleaver is also known as the Butcher’s kitchen knife and sports a thick blade and a heft handle. If you are a fan of hunting and dressing your cuts, you will need a top-quality cleaver.

These are the main types of knives you need to cook up a storm in your kitchen. All the best!

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