An In-depth Review of Content Camel

The selling process makes the foundation of every business.  Due to modern technology, the selling process has become digital as well. But you should not think that being digital also becomes easy. It has become tough and becoming tougher with every passing moment.

You are not the only one who is using technology and digital platforms to carry your selling process. Many opponents are present in the market, and they are using the same or more advanced tools than you. This makes it difficult for you to maintain your sales. You will definitely try to make quicker deals with a successful ending and will want to engage new customers.

For this purpose, sales enablement tools can be used. Many sales enablement tools are available in the market. A lot of software companies are designing them to meet the trend of the world towards using them. It also creates a hazard for you to choose the right one. You should read the reviews of previous buyers, this can help you a lot.

Content camel is one of the most popular and trending sales enablement tools. But before selecting it as your tool, you should have complete knowledge about it. Following is an in-depth review of the content camel.

What is Content Camel?

If you are not familiar with this toll, then this might be your first question after hearing its name. But the answer is quite simple, it is a sales enablement tool that can enable you to perform your sales effectively. It will help you to manage the contents related to different products of your company. It is very trending nowadays due to its training and managing abilities.

Key Features

Before selecting any tool, or investing money in buying it, you will definitely want to know about its key features. You will want to know what benefits it is offering to you. Key features are the attractive attributes of anything that can attract customers. So here are its features that will attract you to buy it.

Content Management

Content is the basic thing to enhance your sales process. People will definitely be attracted to your product if they like the content of its description. But it’s clear that you are not selling the only product. Many products are sold under your company name. It might become difficult for you to manage the content of all these products.

But Content Camel is specific for this work. Its name shows that its main purpose is to manage content. It will keep a track of all the folders and products.

Researchable Links

When you enter the information about your product on the content camel, it will generate an automatic link to this information. This will make your work easy. While dealing with clients, you don’t have to send them all the information and content related to your product. Simply send them the link, and they will be able to view your product and its description with a single tap on the link.

Integration with Google Drive

Google Drive is considered the safest place to store data. You can recover your data by simply recovering your email account. There are very few chances of losing data from google drive. Content camel can easily integrate with your google drive, and it will save data in it. So, you will not be at risk of losing your data in case of any crash.

Competitive Price

This is the best thing about the content camel. You can easily afford it. It is providing all these features in a low amount. It can support a team of 15 members just for 15 dollars per month.

Free demo

This might be the best feature about it. You will definitely want to know about the product before buying it. It will be appealing for you to have a demo before buying the tool. You can take the free demo to know whether it is suitable for you or not.


It has the following drawbacks.

  • It’s not mobile supportive.
  • No in-person training is provided.
  • Lack some additional features.

The Takeaway

In all, the pros clearly outweigh the cons. So, if you are looking for the best sales enablement tool, there can’t be a better choice than Content Camel.

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