Dance Tips To Improve Your Skill At Any Level

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Whether you are new to dance or you have danced for a long time, there are basic tips that will help you develop or recharge habits and improve your skills.

If dancing is just something you do for fun, that’s fine. But, you need to evaluate why you dance, and what are you hoping to achieve. A true dancer becomes one with the steps and emotions of her craft. From time to time, even the most experienced dancer needs to step back and see what steps she has gradually allowed to slip from her routine.

Tips for all dancers

Choose your instructor carefully. Sit in a few classes as an observer.

  • Is the instructor firm but kind?
  • Does he or she seem to look down on their students?
  • What is their attitude when they greet the class?

While most dance instructors love the art of dancing and preserve that art, others have lost their passion. They may be the most qualified teacher in the area, if they have a smug attitude about their skills and your lacking, they are not the right teacher. Find a studio that has love for the art ant the students of the art.

Practice, practice, practice

  • Practice every day without fail. This should as come to you as natural as breathing.

You practice moves for the ability to dance well. Once we have accomplished that,


  • Learn to stretch properly from your instructor or look it up online. Be sure you stretch every day and before and after working out or dancing. This Helps your muscles become stronger. Stretching helps with balance and it prevents muscle cramping.

Don’t just relax – rest

  • Being unable to rest is a common problem today. But, resting is needed to heal damages done to the body that cannot be seen. When we use our muscles, tiny tears are evident in our muscles. While we sleep and rest, our body produces a growth hormone that builds the muscle tissue. This is needed to grow your dance skills.
  • If you have problems with resting after you dance. Try all-natural essential oils to help you rest and to stop any pain you are having. Peppermint essential oil is wonderful for pain, swelling, and feeling good.

No matter what physically demanding activity you participate in, you need to stretch well before and after. Damaging a muscle in running will ruin your training in dance.

Remove yourself as much as possible from negativity

  • If there is a “negative Nancy” in your peer group, separate yourself from her as much as possible. You must have and maintain a ‘can do” attitude. You need to be with people who encourage you and you need to encourage others.

Watch yourself when you are not performing

  • Yes, we mean visually watch yourself. Check out your posture when you walk past a mirror or window. When you are not performing, it is easy to let ourselves slip back into old habits. Watch your posture. You can buy special bras for posture. This will remind you of when you are slumping. There are upper-back braces for men and women.

Record yourself

  • If you are having a problem with a move, record it. You will be able to see yourself through a better and more objective light. Record yourself during stretches at home too so you will see if you are engaging the entire body.

Wear quality dance clothes

  • It is about fashion that makes you confident. It is about wearing professional gear, just like other sports players. You do not have to spend a fortune for good dance clothes, check out the affordable clothing and the clearance section of Just For Kix.
  • Buy high-quality and well-fitting dance shoes. If you take nothing from this article other than this tip, please do this. Footwear of lower quality sometimes makes its way into the dance bag. These shoes will fall apart and you will be wearing them when they do. Foot injury and leg injury from a shoe that doesn’t slide or twist happens everyday. That single mistake may take dancing out of your future.

Keep a food journal

  • You know the basics of nutrition, but also how foods affect you. Learn which foods make you feel sluggish. Do any foods make you feel bloated or give you headaches? When you identify foods that give you energy, work them into your dance life.
    Note: this is not about calories. It is about who makes you feel energized.


  • Dehydration is a serious problem. But most of the time, we do not pay attention to the amount of water we consume. Your body needs water. Your art needs a hydrated body. Be sure you drink enough clean, distilled or spring water.

See dentist to help your dancing?

  • Dancers are good about caring for their bodies. They see the doctor when something is wrong and they see the doctor for regular check-ups. But, even educated people have the mentality that if nothing in your mouth hurts, it is okay. Stay ahead of oral diseases that could destroy your dance schedule. Having infection slowly growing in the mouth will make you just as sick as having an infection in your eye, sinuses, or kidney. Make your dentist part of your dance professional medical team.

You may have been expecting tips on how to twirl or make other moves. Maybe you expected tips like which foot to step off with. But the tips provided, will make you a better dancer. These steps are the backbone of your craft. Only a healthy body can give a dancer he tools she needs to become a dancer. So, this is a great way to get ready to advance your dancing career.

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