Create Avatars With Your Imagination!

The creation of avatars is one of the most prominent things you’ll see on the internet nowadays. Although several social media apps offer the creation of avatars, we can never deny that the features available aren’t that unique. Even if you’re a different person from another, your avatar will be similar.

Picrew is an application where you can create an avatar. It is a great application because the app is very open to people who would love to customize their online avatars. Like other applications, the app has presets that you can use. It is also free. Picrew originally is an app available in Japan. And now they’re expanding their range.

What are the things you must know about Picrew?

 Every application has its unique features, but what does picrew can offer you? Worry no more as we list down the things you need to know about Picrew.

You can draw unique features.

Creating a unique avatar for personal use requires the availability and ability to draw. You can worry no more as Picrew allows users to draw features for their avatar. No more anxiety over having a similar avatar to other people.

You can create a preset.

The application values the practice of sharing. Elements drawn by you can be made as presets that you can share with others. Through this, you can help other users as an inspiration for their drawn artwork.

The application is free for all.

Enjoy creating avatars without worrying about money spent. With this app, you can create an avatar for free that you can use for your benefit. If you’re looking for an app where you can spend your leisure time, this app is the best!

The app has presets.

They have over 2,000 ready-mades preset that you can choose from. This feature is best for those new to creating avatars. These presets can be the basis for their artwork.

You can download your avatar.

You can download on your device the avatar you made from Picrew. You can use it as your icon on your social media accounts. Use it to create cartoons or anime. You can also use it if you want to venture into webtoon.

It’s available on smartphones.

You can download the app on your smartphone. For those who can’t afford to buy a device that requires to pay much money, this application is best for you.

It has a user-friendly interface.

The language used in their app is English, as it aims to expand its range of users. The application is easy to maneuver. Individuals new to this type of application won’t have a hard time figuring out how to use it.

You can create limitless avatars.

With your imagination, you can create all the designs you have in mind. You can make impossible designs possible with this application.

Who can be a Picrew creator?

A picrew creator is someone who knows how to create an avatar. But who are those eligible to be a Picrew creator?

Anyone that can draw can be a creator.

Drawing is not necessary, although if you want to create a unique avatar, you must learn how to draw. Through drawing, you can create a unique avatar. The app has a set of presets, if you’re not good at drawing, you can use it.

Anyone that knows how to use a smartphone

Of course, you should first and foremost know how to use your smartphone to be able to download the app. You must know to configure it to use it for creating a unique avatar.

Anyone that can learn how to manage layers

It is quite similar to photoshop which you can layer the features when you’re drawing. Layering makes it easier as you can delete or edit if there is a lacking feature without creating damage on other parts of your drawing.

What can you do with these Avatars?

You can sell it.

Famous people such as, celebrities buy avatars online, which they use on their social media profiles. Who would’ve known that it can be a source of income? Indeed through talent and hard work anyone can profit.

You can make it your icon.

If you want to spice up your social media profiles you can use an avatar. If you want to join the trend, use an avatar for your socials.

You can use it to create webtoons, anime, or cartoons.

Exploring these types of the industry has never been this easy. You can make these avatar characters in your story.

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