How to Convert a Customer into an Ambassador

There are a lot of businesses who are of a belief that ambassador business is for celebrities. They pay those millions and millions to get their product advertised. Well, they always forget that the impact of a well-known personality on a customer’s mind is a long gone. Now, customers buy your products or avail your services only when they feel it is beneficial for them in their own ways. Yes, there is a certain influence of a celebrity in their minds but that is not all there is.

Nowadays, smart business owners work to remove online complaints rather than focusing on signing contracts with the celebs. Companies like Apple do not advertise by signing contracts with big-time celebs, rather they focus on establishing their own value as a brand. Once that is done, you don’t need someone to advertise for you, the customers themselves become the ambassadors of your product.

So, we decided to bring some of the points to your notice as to how you can convert your customers into ambassadors. Take a look -:

Identify the advocates


You need to find your real advocates, the people who actively promote your brand in their daily lives. There are considerable differences between fans for selfish needs and advocates. So, the first thing for you to do is, find them.

Let them know you are there to listen

 Once you have identified them, the next thing to do is, join a conversation with them. Let them know that you love them too and appreciate their compassion towards your brand. Announce their names on platforms like social media or do something for them, let them experience that they are being heard.

Show they are special to you

 You don’t have to give them an award for appraisal, you just have to appreciate their love with certain small gestures. It won’t involve a lot of time and money of yours but can give you huge results. Keep them informed about the upcoming updates and how can they be a special person to avail a special offer.

Give them something to cheer about 

Giving them something to cheer about may involve a surprise gift. Even a small gift delivered in a professional way to their doorstep would do wonders. Everybody around would witness the appreciation and the person will feel amazing. They may end up sharing such an experience with their friends and family and that would eventually multiply your sales.

Give those tools to ambassador you

You can probably click a photo of them with your product and frame it for them and deliver to their doorstep. This won’t cost you a lot, isn’t it? But guess what you are giving them the tools through which they can ambassador you for free. Such a scenario to being fruitful.

Let them have their say

Make your ambassadors say something on various forums across the web. This will allow them to have their say and express themselves. To will help you to remove pissed consumer as well.

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