Why Consider Mississippi For Your Next Travel Assignment?


Travel nurses can turn down an offer if they don’t like the place assignment. However, some may find it adventurous if they say yes to every offer. Travel nursing jobs in Mississippi, for instance, can also be a good destination to be assigned. Why consider Mississippi for your next travel assignment? Here are some details you need to know.

How Much Do Travel Nurses Make In Mississippi?

How Much Do Travel RN Nurses Make In MS? The average pay a travel nurse can earn is $1,932 per week. This pay can increase depending on the nurse’s experience and expertise. So expect to get paid higher if you have more experience. Travel nurses’ pay is higher than regular career nurses. So opting to work as a travel nurse in Mississippi could be a good way of earning more. You will not only earn money but also experience. Travel nurses get the opportunity to be exposed to different departments, which means they can learn more techniques about how medical facilities run their operations. Nurses can then become more flexible to adapt to different medical facilities.

What Specialty Is Best For Travel Nursing In Mississippi?

Operating, ICU, and emergency nurses can be the best specialty. They are in demand and the best part is they get paid higher. Having a specialization as a nurse can make you bigger and get more offers, especially if your specialization is in demand. Travel nurses have been in demand in almost all places since the pandemic. What’s more, there are rural areas in Mississippi where medical aid is highly needed, and travel nurses are the best option for these medical facilities to cover the scarcity of medical workers. Specializations can also be earned while working as a travel nurse. Opportunities to grow your career are offered by travel nurses since they know that nurses need continuous learning to get updated to new medical advances which are needed to enhance their skills in handling their duties and responsibilities.

What Is The Highest Paid Travel Nurse In Mississippi?

Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist CRNA is the highest-paid travel nurse in Mississippi, earning an average of $169,450 per year. This specialization requires skills and techniques as well as intensive training to be able to do their duties in assisting physicians during the administration of anesthesia to patients. That’s why their pay is superb.

Do I Need Additional License for Mississippi Travel Nurse Assignments?

Another good thing about Mississippi is it is a nurse license compact state. This means nurses can practice in their own states as well as other NLC states without the need for other licenses. This means you can get assigned anywhere in Mississippi without worrying about getting another state license. Therefore, getting assigned to Mississippi means more jobs for you. Your licenses are your ticket to getting more opportunities to grow your career. Keep them updated and make sure that the state you are assigned to is covered by the state license you hold.  So you won’t have a problem with your assignment. Anyway, your travel nurse agency will be there to assist and advise you on the documents you need in every state you will be assigned to.

What’s to See in Mississippi?

One of the best reasons why nurses are into travel nursing is having the opportunity to travel the world while working. Balancing work and pleasure is challenging in most cases, but with a travel nursing job it is possible. Beaches are popular in Mississippi and one of the famous beaches is the Gulp Island national seashore. It is a protected area, but you can still ride a bat to enjoy its beauty. What’s more, if you love food and dining, then visit the Magnolia State where you can explore different cuisines in just one place.

Those are the answers to Why consider Mississippi for your next travel assignment? Those are just a few of the reasons, and there are many more. Mississippi can be a good place to explore at the same time, practice your profession and get higher pay compared with other states. Grab that opportunity and see the beauty of Mississippi. Get that travel nurse assignment and be ready for an adventure.

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