Clearabee Promotes Rubbish Removal and Upcycling to Save the Environment

Today’s throw-away society sees many objects including packaging, furniture, unwanted clothes and toys, surplus building materials and a host of other items destined to spend decades in landfill sites. Yet with a little ingenuity and creativity, many of these objects could enjoy a new lease of life through the age-old tradition of upcycling.

What is Upcycling?

It’s the process of taking an object designed for one particular purpose and using it in an entirely different way. It’s even more effective than recycling at cutting carbon emissions as items don’t have to be mechanically downcycled or broken then processed to create a usable form of material. In the past necessity encouraged people to upcycle, or make-do-and-mend, unlike today where it’s often a lifestyle choice.

From Rubbish Removal to Upcycled Furniture:

Wooden barrels used to store beer or spirits have been upcycled for centuries as tables and seats. In days of old, crates or drawers often found new life as cots for new-born infants. Nowadays, wooden vegetable crates make convenient environmentally-friendly alternatives to plastic storage boxes. Much of the Clearabee rubbish removal service dispose of unwanted wooden pallets left over from building projects. These are some of the most versatile items for creative upcycling. A few basic carpentry skills can turn pallets into stylish tables both indoors and out, shelving, cupboards, storage chests, and much more. You can contact Rubbish Removal Birmingham if you are a UK resident and want the best option in this regard.

Upcycling in the Garden:

Discarded wooden pallets are ideal for being transformed into garden gates, fencing, furniture for the patio, large plant containers and raised beds. Plastic packaging is perfect as plant pots and seed trays. Clear plastic storage boxes make ideal cold frames and propagators. Plastic bowls can be used to make a small pond. Empty jam jars have traditionally housed candles to become makeshift lamps and can still be put to great effect as patio lights. Glass jars have always been popular as storage containers for small items including loose change.

Rubbish Removal and Upcycling

Fashionable Design Skills:

In times of adversity such as World War II, blankets and curtains were transformed into coats and dresses and well-worn adult clothing was re-sized for children. Today there are many black bags packed with barely worn clothes in the Clearabee rubbish removal loads. Unwanted jumpers can become fashionable cushion covers, patchwork blankets or cozy pet beds. An upcycling project with a foothold in the past re-uses clothing to make rag rugs. Leather belts can be woven together to make a sturdy chair seat while leather from old shoes can become bags or wallets.

Rubbish Removal and Upcycling

Unlimited Imagination for Upcycling:

There’s no end to the inspirational ideas for upcycling unwanted items. Metal wires can be turned into jewelry and old crockery used as vases. Contemporary works of art can be created from a variety of items including old CDs. Toys such as dolls and cars have traditionally been made from unwanted wooden furniture. Versatile cardboard boxes can be used for storage, pet beds, footstools, and many other things.

Successful Upcycling:

Clearabee is already recycling 90% of the items collected through its efficient rubbish removal service. With imaginative upcycling, there’ll be even fewer objects going to landfill sites. For unwanted clutter that fails to inspire an upcycling project, the man and van scheme from Clearabee offer a same day rubbish removal service. For large volumes of items with low upcycling potential Clearabee has large, roomy Bee-Bags. They’re delivered in the post and can be kept for up to a year before collection.

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