Can’t Study? Here’s How to Overcome the Student Block

In today’s article, we talk about the student block and being able to study correctly.

Are you ready, are you ready? Buckle up, grab a pen and paper and let’s get started right away.

What is the student block: How to Recognize It

Let’s start by understanding together what the infamous student block actually is.

It is a psychological condition due to which we are no longer able to study anything, seeing our results almost completely zeroed, gradually decreasing the number of exams given until the moment of real paralysis. Of course, you can always get a paper helper to help you with assignments while you work through your block.

How to deal with the blockade? I am going to give you two strategies that can take you out of your comfort zone and therefore, be unpleasant.

But getting out of your comfort zone means trying to change, to change your situation. A change is never a simple thing and always requires commitment and dedication.

Worst-Case Strategy

Do this mental exercise: try to think of all the possible things that can happen if you are not prepared for the exam and what it entails next.

Devote half an hour to this thought, today, tomorrow, and for a week. He tries to experience everything as if it were true. It doesn’t always have to be the same, it can evolve as a real situation would evolve.

This is an example of the worst college fantasy:

  • I show up for the oral exam but I have some confusion in my mind and anxiety
  • He begins to question me
  • I vaguely answer the first question
  • I begin to sweat in the cold
  • The teacher gets nervous and asks me more meticulous questions
  • I go to the block, but I do not answer
  • The teacher rejects me and tells me to come back more prepared
  • You leave the classroom and you get anxious, you can hardly hold back the tears
  • If your head starts to ache, go to the bathroom so you don’t see yourself
  • You come home and tell your parents
  • They get angry and tell you that you have to get back in line, they don’t want to pay the higher fees for the overruns

Ok, I stop here.

You must be thinking that it is a useless exercise right? In reality, this serves to get you used to live with possible negative scenarios and emotions.

Sometimes in fact we reach a real study breakdown and maybe we don’t pass the exam despite all the time dedicated. Here the negative feelings surface and undermine our path. This can happen to you even if you’re confident most of the time and use essay writing services.

Please note: we say we are optimistic and positive. We have to see the good and fair side of facts and people (like that we must not think that the teacher is an asshole a priori).

However, negative events do happen and instead of rejecting them, we need to be able to live with them for a shorter or longer period of time.

So, we’re not telling you to create a possible negative future and that according to the law of attraction or self-fulfilling prophecy, if you think hard about it it will come true. Instead, you must be aware that you can do better and achieve excellent results (in your study and in life). But you can and must also get used to “defeats” to make them less traumatic.

If this fails to unlock you, I propose an extreme strategy.

Take it like this: are you in a block and no longer taking exams? The risk is that of not being able to graduate. Then if you follow it won’t harm you that much.

Voluntarily Fail 3 Times

Ok, maybe you will have turned up your nose as soon as you read the title.

If in the previous strategy I led you to “think” about the worst-case scenario and then to familiarize yourself with the unpleasant feeling, trying to make it real and actively understand what state you are in and how you can act to solve the problem, here we go to live something we don’t want to experience.

It is an “extreme” strategy if you find yourself in a more total mouth and you don’t know how to get out of it.

Study what you can study, even if you remember little or nothing, go to the exam. Try answering a few questions, then start making mistakes or making a silent scene.

Get rejected.

It will be unpleasant, you will feel embarrassed, you will be ashamed. You will experience the most unpleasant sensations there are in the university environment.

You understood well. To get over the student block, you need to get used to exposing yourself to unpleasant situations.

What happens next? Nothing.

You will see that life goes on, just like before. For this, REPEAT this strategy at least two or three times with different exams. You will probably enjoy it, but you will begin to chase away the negative feeling that grips you.

You will discover that: not studying costs you a few minutes of shame in front of the teacher, but all in all, you continue to live. On the other hand, the real problems are others, right?

Ok, now that you understand that failing is not the same as a diagnosis of terminal illness, you have acquired the strength to face a possible failure, even if you have studied a lot and you will feel like you have “wasted time”.

At this point, roll up your hands and treasure a failed exam. How to do it? I invite you to read the guide on how to recover from rejection.


We hope the article on failing to study and getting stuck in studies has been helpful for you, just like Master Papers can help you deal with annoying assignments.

After realizing that the student block is actually psychological in the study, I showed you two practical strategies, but potentially difficult strategies to implement.

If you are unable to study because your mind is invaded by negative thoughts, we recommend that you try it first at the thought level and then, if it did not work, on a practical level, experience the situations that you are afraid of and that perhaps are blocking you.

I am aware that the two strategies may seem extreme, but if you have been on a block for several months you must try to extreme your actions and get out of your comfort zone.

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