Where can you study psychology in Ireland?

There is an increasing awareness about good mental health and its importance in our lives. The stigma around seeking therapy for mental and psychological issues is slowing receding from different parts of the world. This has led to an increased demand for qualified psychologists across the world including Ireland.

If you want to become a certified therapist or psychologist in Ireland, there are plenty of good psychology programmes offered in the country. You can consider psychology courses in Dublin or any other Irish city of your choice.

Keep reading to get a comprehensive view at what a psychology course in Ireland could give you and how to select an appropriate programme.

What can you expect from a psychology degree?

A psychology course can help you gain a comprehensive understanding of how the human mind works. You gain an insight into the way people feel and react to their feelings. You also study about human personality, mental psyche and the importance of communication in daily life.

There are several broad disciplines covered under a psychology degree such as organisational psychology, cognitive science, educational psychology, clinical psychology, forensic psychology and counselling psychology.

Your course work will also be dependent on the type of psychology programme you are pursuing. Generally, masters’ programmes are much more comprehensive as compared to a bachelor’s degree or diploma in psychology.

What is the eligibility criteria to study psychology in Ireland?

The eligibility criteria of any psychology degree are specific to individual universities in Ireland. The criteria also depend on the type of academic programme and specialisation you’ve chosen. For example, the criteria for an M.Sc. cognitive psychology programme is different from the admission requirements for an MA health psychology degree.

How can you choose a psychology programme in Ireland?

When you are searching for the right psychology programme for yourself, it is important to consider all integral factors like minimum graduation requirements and the cost of the course. You must also weigh in on the type of internship opportunities in the course and the accreditations received by the school.

Here are a few points to ponder upon while making your selection.

  • Accreditations: Evaluating the psychology school’s accreditations and recognition is important for understanding the academic standards in the institution. You can also benefit from learning the educational requirements to be a therapist in Ireland and check if your preferred programme are meeting those requisites.
  • Programme delivery: The format of programme delivery can also be an important factor in your decision. If you are doing a psychology programme while managing a full-time or part-time job, an online format would be ideal for you. If you don’t have any professional obligations and would much rather enjoy your college life, you can opt for in-person classes.
  • Class sizes: Smaller class sizes are much more efficient than larger classes. A recent News and World Report suggested that a class of 15-20 people allowed the optimum level of student-teacher interaction required for a good education. Opt for programmes that have a smaller class size.

There are scores of Irish colleges and institutions that offer psychology specialisations at different academic levels. The general high quality of education in the country can also reassure you about the quality of your selected course. Check out different psychology options in Ireland today to be a successful psychologist.

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