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Having a pet is one of the reasons for joy in your life. A dog or a cat can improve your life and make it more colorful. There even are studies that prove that depression can be easier to overcome when you have a playful kitty in your home. Your furry feline pet is one of your best friends, and it’s your responsibility to keep up the hygiene.

Buying a sandbox is the right step to care for your kitty. However, the relationship of a cat with this sandbox can be very intricate. Most of the cat owners have realized it. We think that our cats will poop inside the sandbox after placing it in our room. However, there are lots of other facts that you must know to get the best value from the sandbox.

Is the sandbox accessible to your cat?

You won’t have to train your feline to use the sandbox. However, you have to position it at the right site. While you have forcefully placed the cat in a sandbox, it can frighten your little pet. The cat has to use its own instincts for using the system. You will also be pleased to see the activity of your obedient cat.

Your main task is to find out the right site for placing the box. You have to ensure that your cat is able to get it conveniently. However, just like its owner, the pet also look for privacy. You should keep the system away from any noisy site.

The sandbox must not be adjacent to the household appliances, like a heater or refrigerator. The radiation of heat may make the odor much intense.

Another thing, important to a cat owner is that the pet’s food must not be very close to the sandbox.

You can try to invest in the multiple sandboxes, and you have to place them on different floors of your house.

Thus, these tips will help you to position the litter box at the best site.

Everyday cleaning of the sandbox-

The olfactory organs of the cats are highly powerful, and they help these creatures in detecting any smell very easily. Thus, while you have not cleaned your sandbox, your cat will get the stink. It may not poop inside it, and there will be lots of messes in your home.

Scoop out the wastes of the sandbox. You may also use detergent to restore the freshness of the best cat sandbox. However, never use perfume for blocking the odor. Most of the cat species don’t like the perfume.

Lastly, we can say that you can find a sandbox in various shapes and sizes. The modern units are very compact and space-saving. However, the pet owners have realized that the bigger sized units work in a better way. These systems are also available in different colors. The hooded boxes are intended for keeping up the privacy. They are also effective at controlling the odor.

To buy the sandbox, you must also focus on the age of your feline pet. The aged cats may have a urinary disorder. Make sure that they are able to get into the system and leave it very easily.

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