Landscape Visual Impact Report in Landscape Planning and Development

Landscape planning and development is explained as part of landscape architecture that deals with landscape development while protecting the natural and cultural resources. Creating a landscape visual impact report (LVI) is an important part of any project. Nowadays, no major development project can be even started without planning and development.

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The best way to comprehend the complexity of development is through the process of making an LVI report and what it brings to the table.

Landscape Visual Impact Report – The why and the how?

Primarily a landscape visual impact report is needed when working on a large scale project. Typically the company that is responsible for the development is the one that asks for its making. The main goal is to assess the visual impact that the upcoming development will have both on the wider landscape, as well as on the landscape where the development will take place. The most common reports are done for protected landscapes.

Landscape Visual Impact Report Methodology

The first step in this process is scooping. The idea here is to analyze the existing landscape baseline along with the resources that are part of it.

The LVI report includes the use of:

  • Zone of visual influence map (ZVI) – This map does not include vegetation and buildings and is also known as the zone of theoretical visual influence.
  • Photos and high-quality 3D images – Drones are often used to create the best possible photos that can create the best possible perspective of the reviewed landscape.
  • Assessment of visual impact
  • Nature of impact
  • The significance of the visual impact
  • Feasibility studies and baseline assessment
  • Visual resource change magnitude

Who does make LVI Reports?

There are specialized businesses in landscape planning that are experienced in making LVI reports. To that end, those companies employ landscape architects, arboriculturalists, LCA consultants and ecology experts. It is their expertise and knowledge that define the quality of the LVI report.

The Impact of LVI Reports on Property Development

Even though there are several factors, the LVI report is by far the most important one. Its influence is not subtle at all, as it can make changes that are profound in every sense of the word. Much of what will be recommended in the LVI report will need to find a way into the final development project. No big project, especially in protected areas can be started without an LVI report. Much of the landscape in Europe is defined by the recommendations given in LVI reports.

The Future of LVI Reports

Climate change is one of the biggest issues in the world and as such has a deep impact on landscape design consultant, landscape planning and development. No LVI report can be completed without factoring in climate change.

As the issue progresses, it is to expect that climate change will have a much bigger impact on future projects. It is hard to tell that how big is the impact at this pointer if it will be the biggest single factor. At the same time, it is Europe that remains at the forefront of this while the rest of the world (with few exceptions) is lagging in the efforts to recognize the moment and its significance.


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