Why Burberry is So Popular (And 3 Great Pieces to Add to Your Wardrobe)

Known as a trendsetter in the British fashion community, Burberry is a luxury fashion brand that came into being in London in the year 1856. Invented by Thomas Burberry, the brand became synonymous with the word iconic as it took the fashion world by storm by introducing a number of new pieces that completely reinvented the clothing line over the past century.

Starting with the revolutionary trench coat that gained popularity soon after the world war, Burberry then went into different lines of fashion and still maintains itself as a voguish brand that caters to an eclectic taste in fashion. In this article, we’ll take a glimpse of 3 iconic pieces of Burberry fashion that your wardrobe might be in dire need of, happy shopping!

Best Burberry Buys For Your Wardrobe

Before we head into the details, there are some pieces of Burberry fashion that are absolute basics that need to be added to your wardrobe. The best part about Burberry is that they’re a fashion line that does not only cater to women’s tastes but gives equal standing to men’s luxury wear as well. The Burberry luxury wear line specifically caters to the tastes of the modern man, where they combine sophisticated materials with relaxed design, making it a great fit for men who love laid-back styles that don’t try too hard.

If you’re someone who loves men’s clothing and can’t get enough of Burberry’s timeless designs that are both traditional and hip, then head over to the link above to check out what’s new in the men’s luxury collection.

Fragrances for Him and Her

Fashion goes beyond just clothing and Burberry perfumes represent nothing but fine taste. Their line of fragrances is designed to appeal to the senses of both men and women who love the smell of silky luxury with a tinge of traditional and classic scents.

Some of their fragrances are unisex and are great for people who don’t prefer extremely feminine or masculine scents. Their reviews state that they’ve got a scent for every mood and taste, evoking different emotions with their various blends of perfume. If you’re looking for a luxury scent that’s going to make heads turn then you should check out their two best-selling fragrances – ‘Her’ and ‘My Burberry’.

The Trench Coat

A Burberry trench coat is a must-have if you’re a fashion lover and would kill for all things vintage! These heritage trench coats were the first piece of clothing that launched the brand into success in the 1900s, and it continues to evolve and cater to the changing tastes and needs of the 21st century as well.

The reason their trench coats have become statement pieces by themselves is because of the unique checkered lining that trademark’s all their coats. Apart from the lining, the design also includes a belt that comes with a D-ring that was first designed during the war.

Despite all these significant details, the most important and labor-inducing part of the trench coat is the collar. The brand takes great pride in how intricately designed their collars are that it takes almost a year for a specialist tailor to learn how to stitch and attach the fluid curve of the collar that sits perfectly on the neck.


Burberry signifies nothing short of luxury and that’s been the defining element behind all their products for the last 100 years and more. Their creations have always been a line above the rest in terms of style, material, and comfort, giving their pieces a timeless quality that can complement all kinds of wardrobes, no matter what your tastes are!

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