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If you are in the process of building, buying or even renovating a new home, you are going to want to make sure that you have some type of inspection to make sure that everything is being done as it should be.  When it comes to these types of inspections, it is going to be the building inspection that is going to be the most common.  Here is everything that you will need to know about everything building inspection.

What is a Building Inspection?

A building inspection is going to be a special inspection of your home or building that looks for any type of defects in your property.  Jims Building Inspections Perth reports they are usually going to take place prior to purchasing a new home, after some type of renovation has been completed, or after the completion of a new building altogether.

When it comes to building inspections, they can either be done on their own or in combination with some type of pest inspection as well, even being partnered with more detailed inspections too.  Just try to think of a building inspection as a way of providing you with some very accurate information on your property (or potential property), that you may not have necessarily been aware of.

What is a Building Inspection Going to Cover?

When it comes to building inspections, they are typically going to cover the following areas of the property in question.

  • What kind of electrical work is on the property
  • All of the plumbing, as well as the drainage
  • What condition all of the windows and doors are really in
  • All the different types of fixtures and fittings that are within the property
  • All of the joinery, including the kitchen cabinetry, the cupboards, etc.
  • What shape the walls are in
  • The space (if any) that is under the floors
  • The roof space and the roof
  • What condition the driveway is in
  • If there are any retaining walls, what the condition of those walls really is
  • Any outbuildings such as sheds or pool houses
  • The buildings downpipes and gutter system

Now you will need to keep in mind that when it comes to a standard building inspection, it is only going to report back on what the condition of the actual property is and will not have any type of estimates of how much the repairs to these areas is actually going to cost.  On top of that, building inspections are not going to report problems that are considered to be minor, such as certain cosmetic issues or concerns.  Finally, a building inspection is also not going to let you know whether or not you have termites in your home or property.  This is going to be additional information that will need to be tested by a pest inspection or a special purpose building inspection report, which will need to be done separately from the regular building inspection.

At the end of the day, a building inspection is going to let you know what the main problems with a property really are, allowing you to the ability to move forwards from there.

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