A brief guide about equity investing

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The sole purpose of making any investment is to gain easy returns on it and grow your wealth. Read this article to get knowledge about equity investing and analyse whether this fund scheme is worth the try.

What is Equity Investing?

If you want to make more profit by investing money for a longer period of time, then equity mutual funds are for you. These types of schemes or funds invest in the stock market in particular. As a result, there is a lot of fear or risk in these types of equity schemes. However, you can never earn as much interest or returns from these equity schemes as you can earn from debt or liquid mutual funds. In this case, the more risk you take, the more chances you have to earn. In order to earn a good amount of money from equity funds, you have to pay at least 5 years. However, due to the chaos of the market 5 years ago, you have the opportunity to see negative returns.

It is possible to invest at any time and at the same time redeem the money by selling the invested units at any time.

Mutual fund schemes invest in the market by diversifying their fund managers in such a way that the money you invest is safe and at the same time increases the chances of higher income.

What are the different kinds of Equity Investments?

Equity investments are classified into different categories, such as:

  • investments into stocks/shares;
  • arbitrage schemes;
  • investments in equity mutual funds;
  • private equity investments (like real estate funds).

Who Should Make Equity Investments?

As an equity investor, you must possess the ability and willingness to take a risk. The success of your equity investment depends on the knowledge and skills you possess and how well you can handle market-linked Investment instruments. However, if you are someone who is constrained due to the limitation of time and/or adequate knowledge, try earning smart returns by investing in equity mutual funds, at moderate risk.

Secondly, you must be capable of staying invested for the long term. As an equity investor, you are also needed to analyse that volatility is an element of equity investment that is the cause of substantial swings in valuation terms for the short run. Investors are expected to stay put during tough times as, during the longer term, equity markets have a tendency to always moved upwards.

What is direct equity investment?

Direct equity investments include investments through which an investor buys the ownership of the company, legally. You can directly purchase the shares or stocks of the company, without the assistance of any managers to plan your investment portfolio. It is because of this that direct equity investments are preferred by dynamic investors who are well-equipped and understand the working of equity markets. Investors with high-risk tolerance are more likely to invest in direct equity.

How does equity investments work?

When you have set your mind in equity investments, you are entitled to a portion of the ownership in that company. The investors are allowed to provide capital in the form of cash and obtain a percentage of the profits (or losses) in the business entity.

The company may use the invested corpus for capital expenses, expansion, debt payments, daily operations, hiring manpower and more. In some cases, equities investors receive a percentage equal to the invested capital. However, in some instances, the percentage of ownership and dividends may vary from each other.

Are you upcoming investors aspiring for attractive returns at moderate investments? Then you should invest in equity and equity-related instruments.

If you are seeking to become an equity market expert, all you require is to opt for a program in equity investing. This will help you get a hook of picking a good equity fund for investment, be aware of market volatility, and stay invested for the long term. All this to ultimately minimize risk and maximize returns on equity investments!



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