Bhangarh – The Haunted Place of Rajasthan

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You Read about the Rajasthan, there are ruins of the royal city and heritage, but in same place other mysterious city called Bhangarh located between Jaipur and Alwar, which was completely abandoned in 17th century for mysterious reasons. If you had already heard of Fatehpur Sikri, the Fascinating ghost town near the old Mughal emperor Akbar is certainly not something new for you.

Bhangarh – Restriction of Entry

But the reputation of Bhangarh is different because, it is believed that the place attended and nobody little dares to go there after the sunset! The Fort of Bhangarh is among the locations the most frequented of the world to the sides of the famous Scottish castles. Before entry a board written in Hindi attention” the entry to Bhangarh before the lifted and after the sunset is strictly prohibited”.

It is really strange that something like this could exist in India, a country of thousands of gods and temples. I never thought that there will be a place for the ghosts! Most of the farmers and Berger live some kilometer from there, were afraid to venture into this place the night because of “noise and strange presences” in the interior of ruins, especially in the “Haveli of Dancers”

What you experience in fort of Bhangarh

I visited the Fort at noon and it is a place of calm and relaxing. What remains is a shade of a beautiful kingdom. The region is under the patronage of the Archaeological Survey of India (ASI), and the entry is free. You pay that the parking lot. Given, its sinister reputation, Bhangarh has become a tourist destination, especially for the youngest people who come there, of Gurgaon or Delhi to experiment with the emotion of the view of “phantom”. The town was fortified with 4 portals, but today, only the main door that stays there.

At the beginning of the trail, you will find a model of the city which describes that he has was well plan and a large considerable number of temples, a huge havel is and the impress if Royal Palace which dominates the top with hills in the rear. The ruins are now surrounded by a dense vegetation due to the rains of monsoon rains of the year.

The History of Bhangarh

The city was founded in 1613 ( or at the end of 1500 according to other sources) by the father Maharaja Madho Singh, brother of a general of the Emperor Akbar. Apparently, there have almost 10 thousand families who lived there. Walk you to the surrounding area; you can see the rest of the bazaar, several houses and Havel is, temples and a other great place.

It is as if, that with the decline of Mughal, Bhangarh is fading. It was conquered in 1720 by the Maharaja of Jaipur and a decade later, he probably was abandoned because of the Great Famine. Since this time, it remains a desert.

The other legend speaks of a beautiful princess, Ratnavati and a sorcerer who fell in love with it, not being able to marry the daughter; he cursed the city as a whole to collapse after a little time. You can plan your Rajasthan tour with  Deccan Odyssey Luxury Train.

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