What happens if engine belt breaks?

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Timing belt is your Car Engine part that synchronizes engine’s camshaft and crankshaft. You often get Timing Belt warning signs that you don’t know and neglect. Most of times car makes problems of more smoke, different sounds, maintaining engine rpm and more fuel consumption. It is because of timing belt failure. It can break anytime. If your belt brake while you driving; can cause serious outcomes.

The Timing belt is one of the most important items that is attached to the engine. It maintains your vehicle or car’s engine. Broken belt makes the cause of a lot of damages or complete failure of your engine and you would face losses. How does it damage or make the cause of engine failure? How can you identify, you need to change your timing belt?

Structure of the belt

Belt is made of fiber or consists of rubber teeth which are designed for the engine. It is located under a timing cover in front of the engine. Without it, your engine will not work or run.

What does it work?

In some vehicles or cars, there are we using a timing chain instead of a timing belt but both perform same functions. Crankshaft and camshafts in engine are attached through timing belt. It controls the opening valve and closing one on engine set time and send fuels to the combustion chamber. The water pump is also driven by the belt.

When do you need to replace it?

Belt replacement is most important procedure that maintains your car engine and deals with it. The old rules of timing belt replacement recommend interval to 60,000 miles. But now it’s the age of modern fast technology, you will change it before you reach up to 100,000 miles.

Does every car have a timing belt?

Every vehicle or every car has an engine. A timing belt and a timing chain are important item for the engine’s work. Some have a belt while others have chain. You must change belt before they break, because of if it breaks, it will damage the engine or other parts of the engine that is very costly for you. While the timing chain is free from any trouble. The timing chain is made of metal and does not get any change until the end of the life of the car.

What happened when your belt break?

It is totally depending on your car engine. It’s your responsibility to check and replace it at the time when you feel your engine create some problem. You should check your car to a mechanic immediately before any serious outcome. There are some bad things that happened when the timing belt breaks:

  • The engine will stop or not run more.
  • Since every car have an engine. There are two types of engine. One is interference and other is non-interference. Engine damage depends upon your engine type.
  • No doubt, interference engine performs well rather than non-interference engine because they give high-compression. But there is a problem; interference engines have insufficient clearance between valve and pistons. They both move at a time on opposite side of the other. When the pistons move down, the valve opens and when they going up, the valve closes. They run into each other and pistons break the valve.
  • While if your car is designed in non-interference engine, you are a lucky person. Non-interference engines have enough clearance between valve and pistons, so pistons have no control on the valve. When the belt breaks the engine will stop running but pistons make no contact with the valve and your engine may save from a big loss.
  • If belt break when you are driving, the engine suddenly takes the hold at the high-speed that breaks the transmission.
  • The valve will open at a wrong time that hit the pistons and make the cause of engine damages.
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