Best Websites Directories For Attorneys

The internet is a wonderful place to find information, and many websites can help you search for the best lawyers. You may be asking yourself, “but which one should I pick?” That’s what we’re here for. In this article, we will review some of the top-rated directories available to lawyers today. Know exactly where to go on the web when you need legal advice.

What Are Legal Directories?

Legal directories are an excellent way to find the best attorneys in your area. They offer a comprehensive list of lawyers who have paid to be included in their directory. Legal directories often provide information such as contact information, fees, memberships and affiliations, education background, awards/accolades received (if any), years of experience practicing law, etc. All you need is some basic knowledge about what you’re looking for.

Which One Should You Pick?

There can be many legal directories that one may choose from – it’s all up to personal preference when picking which website they would like to use. The most popular ones should provide information such as:

  • Contact information, fees, and memberships
  • Education background
  • Awards/accolades received (if any)
  • Years of experience practicing law

There are a few things to keep in mind when using directories:

  • Make sure the lawyer you choose is licensed by your state and those who have been tried before judges within your district
  • Ensure that the legal directory provides contact information for each listed attorney with include proper phone numbers, email address, and website links if they exist
  • Be aware of membership prices like annual costs or monthly rates, which may depend on how often you plan on consulting an attorney through this site

It’s also important to read reviews from other people who’ve used these sites – this can help weed out the best directories for attorneys to meet your needs. Finding the Best directory for law firms can be a challenge if you’re unsure what you’re looking for. Good thing there are reliable sites you may want to visit for legal assistance.

Top-Rated Site For Lawyer Directories

Lawyer directories are beneficial for attorneys to get more clients, but they are not the only way. The internet provides many websites that will help an attorney grow their list of potential clientele.

The following is a listing of some of the best places for lawyer directories on the web:

  • ABA Journal

This site has been around for decades and ranks among one of America’s oldest legal news sites. It also offers live coverage from significant trials and breaking news stories about law firms and companies who hire lawyers through its “Law Firm News” section found at

  • Best Lawyers In America

Recognized by Chambers & Partners USA Guide, this directory was created by a team of lawyers from around the country to compile an accurate list of attorneys with impeccable credentials.

  • Online Legal Services Directory

This website is run by Thomson Reuters and provides listings for firms that offer online legal services and those that offer traditional law practices. It also can search according to specific areas such as bankruptcy or employment law.

  • The American Bar Association, Lawyer Locator Service

One of the most popular organizations in America, features a lawyer locator service that offers free access across all 50 states and territories through its Find A Lawyer” tab found at In addition to attorneys in the U.S., it also features lists of lawyers located around the world and a directory for law firms that are members of The Association.

  • FindLaw

One of the most popular sites on this list, FindLaw net provides access to one of America’s most extensive databases with more than 250 million legal articles and 2000 hours per year worth of original content. It has an advanced search feature that enables users to narrow their queries by location, specialty area, keyword, and firm name.

  • Martindale Hubbell Law Directory

This site is owned by Reed Elsevier Group plc and offers listings for over 180 countries in addition to the extensive information about each listing.

  • Lawyers USA

Another well-known site on this list, it offers listings for lawyers in all 50 states and has a section dedicated to international attorneys.

  • Find Law Canada Directory

This is the Canadian version of find law which provides an extensive database with articles about legal issues.

  • US Legal Search Engine Indexes & Directories

Offers information from over 900 state bar associations that are available by location or specialty area.”

  • Avvo

Avvo is a site that offers listings for lawyers in all 50 states and extensive information about each listing. The site is owned by Reed Elsevier Group plc and was launched in 2008.

  • LegalMatch

LegalMatch is another site that offers listings for lawyers in all 50 states and information about each listing. The website was launched by LegalZoom, an online legal services company in 2001 and is now a subsidiary of the publicly-traded company.”

Final Words

Going over the top website directories for lawyers can help you find the right ones to help you in your practice. This will ensure you hire the best firm or lawyer to assist you in your needs to save you time and money.

An excellent directory for researching attorneys in your area may consider some of the best lawyers around. There are many other websites out there that can help you find what you need, and it’s all about patience and learning what elements to check for you to meet the perfect lawyer to assist your claim.

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