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Tarot Card Reading is something that is extensive. Predictions made with symbols, pictures, and some heavenly energies. Sounds amazing. But what sounds even more appealing is that there now exists a tarot card reading app that can help you evolve with their predictions.

There might be a galore of such apps available for both iOS and Android but finding the one that establishes your actual connection with these sacred energies might sound a bit tricky.

Resolving this trick, we have come up with a tarot card reading app that has the ability to channelize the energy to you. The app that can help you out here is Tarot Life. Download it free to connect to your different and unexplored dimensions with the help of the mystic Tarot Cards.

Introduction to Tarot Life

Everything that happens around you happens for a reason. The world of prediction has so many branches, Tarot being one of the crucial ones. It stands out among all.

There has to be a flow of energy that must be understood. This tarot card reading app is capable of understanding the sacred path. It will not tell to get over something, instead, this app will help you get through it.

Take a new route in your life, knock new doorways, and unlock new possibilities of your life with the help of Tarot Life. This is the right time to move over the scars of your past and bloom flowers of prosperity over them in your present and future.

What is Tarot life?

Tarot Life is a tarot card reading app that offers free prediction services to everyone. Interrogate with Tarot Life and get your answers. May it be your love life, your career or your success rate, this app will let you know everything that has ever intrigued you.

This app aims to turn your hard times into the better ones with its spreads and tarot readings. It also offers Numerological predictions about your life.  This is your virtual mate who knows how to alert and soothe you when the ball is not in your court.

Why Tarot Life?

Who wouldn’t want a tarot card reading that is free and effective? Obviously, everyone would want it. Tarot card reading is a bit of temptation among the majority of people because it is a unique way of getting predictions about life.

Tarot Life has left no stone unturned when it comes to the extent of services this tarot card reading app provides for free. The most remarkable feature of this app is that it gives daily insights about how your day will pass. There are many more categorized features of this app you would not like to miss. Get to know them below.


The app is majorly divided into two categories

  1. Tarot
  2. Numerology


Tarot is further subcategorized into the following:

  • Love Reading
    This section includes ‘Love Tarot’ and ‘Love Spread’. Get your love readings from this section. The reading would ask you to pick 3 cards from a spread of tarot. The cards you pick will throw the light on the love insights of your life. But before picking up the card, you must know what question you have in your mind.Get off all the burden you placed on your head with that heap of questions about your love life. True Love Spread will help you by answering all your questions in detail.
  • Tarot Insights
    This section might turn out to be the most useful one for you. It is the one that provides daily insights about your day. The Daily Tarot will briefly address all the aspects of money, love, finance, etc.The other section of Tarot Life is Yes/No Tarot. It is the most interesting one. If you got cold feet before taking a decision or that you have any doubts regarding anything, then go for the Yes/No Tarot. It is a magic wand that will give you an exact answer in the form of simply a Yes or No. Keep the question ready and then choose a card, your answer will be in front of you.The last segment is to ‘Ask a Question’. The questions are already defined for the convenience of the querent. Select a category and then choose your question. The questions are very precise. One of the appreciable facts about this feature is it does not limit your reading if you are short on words. If you are unable to put your doubts into words, go for these tailored questions. The answer to your question will definitely satisfy your soul.
  • Career Reading
    Career tarot reading requires you to choose three cards out of a deck of Major Arcana cards. If you are annoyed and want to know the right choice for yourself, seek help from this reading. Even if you are willing to switch or if you want to begin something new, try to get the details about the things favorable to you with this reading.Get elaborated answers to your questions about your career with ‘Career Path Spread’.
  • Finance Reading

    This section offers ‘Finance Tarot’ and ‘Success Spread’. All your questions about your financial matters will be answered here. Financial stability is one of the major aspects to lead a successful life and knowing ways with which you can improvise in the same segment is a bliss. You can be blessed by using and contemplating the readings of this app.Decode all of your questions using the ‘Success Spread’. This spread will reveal the current scenarios and the future actions you must keep an eye on.


Unfold the layers of your mysterious life using the study of numbers. Believe it or not but numbers hold immense power to discover the depths of your life. Knowing about your lucky and unlucky numbers can turn the tables for you.

These numbers can predict the course of your life. Know about the age of stability in your life with Maturity Number. Try numerology numbers to find about your Personality Number, Life Path Number, and Destiny Number. Every number defines a fixed meaning. Follow these to change the perspective of your life.

Tarot Life in a Nutshell

Besides offering these fascinating features, this tarot card reading app offers other impressive and helpful features. If you are interested in knowing about these major Arcana Cards then this app has a section which explains each of the cards in detail.

‘Card of the Day’ is another appealing feature. Follow the card and get to know the whereabouts of the events going to happen in your day. Prepare yourself to face any kind of a situation in advance by knowing what the day has in store for you.

Decode the Universal signals with Single Card Tarot Reading or Three Card Tarot Reading. Get to the depths of your life and view it from a totally different angle with Tarot Life. It gives an experience as that of an actual tarot reading, only that it is quick and free!

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