Best Streetstyle Fashion Ideas for 2020

From Paris to Milan, fashion weeks have been the one place where we’ve come across trendsetting combos and truly spotlight-worthy ensembles, and 2020 won’t be any different. The trends that we’ll love in the year to come have prepared something enticing for everyone and if you’re a fan of street style and like your wardrobe casual and laid back, stay with us and check out what you’ll gladly wear in 2020.

Cycling shorts are here to stay

As one of the most iconic street style clothing items, cycling shorts are sticking around for the season to come too. The 90s throwback piece is here to make our street style even more revolutionary, so if you pair them with a boxy t-shirt and a pair of sandals, you’ve got yourself a fabulous summer outfit. You can visit to shop classy as well as trendy outfits. For chillier weather, throw over a large hoodie and wrap a fanny pack around your waist which will double up as a great belt too. To stay on the relaxed side, your favorite kicks will go flawlessly together with biker shorts and the rest of the ensemble.

Cycling shorts

Distressed and destroyed

Jeans, jeans, jeans – we can’t stop seeing new ground-breaking pieces from seamless boyfriend jeans to going back to extreme bell-bottoms and then to another extreme – skinny tight jeans for men. The distressed trend is making a huge comeback and it’s followed by destroyed jeans. Just like the ones from one of the latest Inkosi Apparel collections which feature heavily ripped jeans on the knees. You’ll notice that the name destroyed is more than fitting, given the fact that they have multiple rips and tears, making them a number one item for your street style wardrobe collection. Match them with a graphic t-shirt and sneakers to get the ultimate laid-back streetwear.

Sporty shorts are men’s favourite

Men’s fashion week has come and gone but we still can’t stop thinking about the trend that’s been rising lately and clearly will be popular in 2020. We’re talking about sporty shorts that virtually every other man at the fashion week was rocking. A pair of kicks and a trench coat to match and you’ve got yourself an outfit of the 2020s. You can even layer it up with a hoodie underneath the trench, or maybe a t-shirt if the temperatures go higher. With a pair of sunnies, you’ll look staggering.

White everywhere and anywhere

White will definitely become the new black soon. As we can’t seem to shake off this classic hue for seasons now, white dresses, as well as white-on-white combos also suit kids, continue to strike everywhere we turn. From white linen, maxi dresses to boilersuits and even cropped tops matched with high-waisted culottes, white is taking the center stage proudly. Channel your inner Gigi Hadid and match an oversized white denim jacket and a pair of white trousers, add a cap on top and with your favourite crossbody bag, you’ll look like a true fashion icon.

Neutral tones are not going anywhere

Similar to white, neutral earthy hues are going to be dominant in 2020 too. Think boilersuits, high waisted midi skirts, midi dresses, and trench coats all in beige. Match them with your colourful kicks for the ever-needed contrast and rock those nudes like a pro. With accessories and footwear in matching colours, you can choose to go either beige-on-beige or break the pattern with black. Introducing some contrast will make a wonderful outfit so feel free to experiment.

Final thoughts

Streetstyle is one of the most popular trends in the latest years and it’s here to stay. In 2020 you’ll see everything from cycling and sporty shorts to distressed jeans, white and neutral ensembles. Relaxed has never looked so good, and we can’t be happier to accept the laid-back vibes that the year before us will present.

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