The Best Software Solutions For Wholesalers

Wholesalers often have to deal with the storage and distribution of large inventory amounts. Therefore, they need software solutions that will help them track their merchandise from shipping to client delivery.

The best software solutions for wholesalers include an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system, an accounting system, and a customer relationship management (CRM) system. Wholesalers are welcome to implement other software solutions depending on their business process needs.

Here are the six best software solutions for wholesalers.

Tire Storage Solutions

Tire Storage Solutions is an excellent choice for wholesalers who stock tires. This software streamlines inventory management by tracking and monitoring inventory levels and providing key beneficial features.

Automotive dealerships and wholesalers can benefit from improved usage of physical storage space as well. Moreover, this software is affordable.


Quickbooks is a commerce software that provides wholesales with a top-down accounting system that tracks every transaction, from invoices to supplier payments.

The cloud-based software allows wholesalers to centralize their vendor information, streamline order management, and protect profit margins. Quickbooks also has an online assistance portal where users can ask questions and receive expert advice.

For wholesalers with larger business operations (local and international), using another accounting software solution such as SAGE may be more beneficial. Even so, accounting software is also valuable to small businesses and even startups.


A CRM system can radically improve a company’s trajectory in many ways. The OroCRM software can track marketing campaigns, sales data, and customer details. Wholesalers can use a CRM to send automated and custom newsletters containing industry-related news, new products, and sales discounts.

Thus the software allows Wholesalers to build industry dominance and customer loyalty programs that categorize buyers into different hierarchical levels. Each level comes with a set of discounts and other benefits.


OGL is a UK-based software solution company offering ERP, IT, and cyber security services. The company’s CyberGuard solution offers distributors high-expert cyber solutions like risk identification, detection, and response. The company can also train staff members to manage the software and respond to security threats.

Cyber security is crucial for wholesale companies. It has the potential to prevent data leaks, intellectual property theft, and internal supply chain process protection.


Epicor provides project management solutions to wholesalers and distributors. The software allows managers to stay abreast with project schedules, budget costs, and delays.

Wholesalers are in the logistics business. Therefore, they must have a project management system to keep them in line with their delivery targets and deadlines. Wholesalers risk late deliveries or lost inventory without this system, ultimately losing clients and income.


Verint is a staff management software that keeps track of employee information and contact details. Workforce management systems like Verint are often integrated with accounting software like Quickbooks or SAGE so that employee payment details can be captured and updated simultaneously.

An effective staff management software allows wholesalers to plan their schedules accurately and according to the availability and capacity of workers.

The wholesale business has many moving parts, and it is therefore challenging to track the workflow efficiency without a management software solution. Wholesalers should implement these systems as they will ultimately save the business both time and money.

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