What Are The Best Resume Editing Services According to Quora?

Writing and composing a resume is a responsible and even challenging task at times. It defines the impression that you make on the recruiter and how soon your job searching will be done. Usually, it takes around 6 seconds for the hiring manager to scan a job application and define whether the candidate will proceed in the hiring process. For that reason, a CV must be impeccable and insightful, yet brief and straightforward.

What makes a resume good?

When looking for a quality resume proofreading service, one needs to acknowledge the result they are looking for. To send out perfect applications and impact your HR’s hiring decisions, make sure it fits the following criteria.

· It takes no longer than one page. Being able to tell a lot about yourself is a positive quality, but brevity is what’s most expected in the resume.

· It contains information to help the talent acquisition team reach out to you. Do not forget about the contact data. Also, make your email or chat username look serious enough for a job application.

· Include skills and knowledge that you have and relate it to how you will use them in the position you apply for.

· Ensure the application’s contents are adjusted to the specific job description you aim at. The same application must not be sent to significantly different vacancies.

When your resume can tick all the points above, it means it is strong enough to make the right impression on the Human Resources Team. If you are looking for tools or services that can help you with the application, here are some pieces of advice from Quora.

Services that Quora suggests

Users on Quora come from different parts of the globe, and by writing their suggestions, they mind their own priorities. For that reason, the following list contains editing software, design tools, and even custom services. Choose the one that fits your career goals best.

Creating your resume by yourself

If you decide to write your application yourself, you need a writing tool and a proofreading solution.

Word or Google Docs. It is a plain and simple tool to write and format what you write. It is useful for drafting your personal and professional information and formatting it into coherent infographics about you as a relevant person for the opening.


One thing every applicant wants to know for sure is that their resume is well-written and error-free. Usually, most text editors have a built-in spellchecker. However, Grammarly is a service that can suggest more relevant wording and improve your writing to land an interview. Use it to ensure there are no errors or typos in your final application draft. After Grammarly, you may be positive there will be no awkward wording in what you send out applying for a job.

Resume design resources

These days, it is not enough to send a well-written text document to get hired by an organization you aim at. The application must stand out visually as well. Luckily, for that purpose, there are plenty of design tools. Some of them are tailored for CVs and resumes and some of them offer complete creative freedom about how to design an application.


Generally known as a design tool, this platform is perfect for people to explore their creativity and construct their resumes from scratch. Naturally, if you are not familiar with design tools, it may seem a bit complicated. Nonetheless, it has its place on the list as some people wish to stand out among other job seekers, so they even take care of the application’s design.


This is an ideal service to find a template and fill it in with your information. This is an amateur design service for virtually any type of material. All you need to do is find the template you like, make sure the fields it suggests are relevant to your qualification and target position, and fill it in with your info.

Resume builders

There are plenty of services tailored for resumes specifically. They allow you to choose the right template, customize it, and fill it in with your information. Usually, such services present more conservative options for CV design, but it has all the tools one needs to create a resume to get more interviews.

Custom services

For people who do not have time or would rather delegate writing and editing their resume to a professional, among the best resume editing services for them would be a monster resume writing services that provides custom solutions. If you want a professional to write, edit, and proofread your resume following the good resume criteria, just file a request to get professional help. Such services free your hands in terms of writing, wording, and formatting a resume you will be proud to show to the manager. Usually, such services only require basic information about you and the professional accomplishments you want to highlight in your application.

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