Best Loyalty Programs for Beauty Salons

It is natural that people always want to look good. With that, they go to beauty salons to get their dream look. Do you want to boost the profits of your beauty salon? Well, you must have the best loyalty programs for beauty salons to encourage more customers for your business. The following is a reliable list of the best loyalty programs for beauty salons.

Glue Loyalty

Glue is a cutting-edge loyalty program that can serve as your in-house loyalty manager. With this, you can gain more loyal customers for your beauty salon. It features everything from rewards and points to punch cards. This program can send automatically the right incentive to the right individual and time. In return, you can save more of your time and reduce hassle. For more information, you can visit


  • Operates through different channels including email, app, WhatsApp, SMS, and more
  • It includes all the loyalty solutions you need in one
  • Glue Loyalty is an automated AI-based loyalty manager
  • Comes with 30 days free trial
  • Features digital gift cards, online booking, digital payment processing, and tailored coupons


  • It doesn’t have POS integration yet
  • Automated management is only available in the premium plan


$39 to $99 per monthly


CandyBar, a referral marketing company, was launched in 2017 by Referral Candy as a digital loyalty punch card. It can help your business to create a point-based loyalty program without app download which customers can access through text. Account setup for this program is very easy and has a 30-day trial for free.


  • Customers can redeem rewards easily since it doesn’t need app downloads
  • Offers merchants a business dashboard that has main insights on enrollment, how often the loyal members visit the business, and the busiest times and days
  • It is free to begin a CandyBar account, you can use it for free in the first 30 days


  • It doesn’t have 3rd party integrations


  • Standard Plan

This loyalty program for beauty salon begins at $45 monthly for its Standard Plan. The plan features unlimited stamps, unlimited rewards, unlimited customers, and 500 text messages monthly.

  • Enterprise Plan

The Enterprise Plan is billed yearly at $3,999. It provides all features of Standard Plan, dedicated account manager, unlimited texts, and priority support.

Loopy Loyalty

Every client can store the punch cards in their apple wallet digital wallets and Google pays wallet as well after taking the customer loyalty platform services. Everyone can download the Loopy Loyalty app on his or her cell phone. After that, they can scan the QR code on the loyalty card of the client to issue a stamp on their cell phones. With the help of this, anyone can monitor the key metrics as well to view which clients are the loyal clients and again target them with some special deals as well.


  • Allows you to make an easy, points-based loyalty program that comes with a push and location-triggered messages
  • You can easily set up a digital loyalty card and tailor it with your own logo, text, and colors.
  • Enables merchants to send notifications to all clients or a chosen group
  • It also triggers a notification through GPS or unique beacon ID if the client is near the business’ location


  • Automated management is only available in the premium plan


Loopy Loyalty has different plans including the following:

  • Starter Plan

This plan is available at $15 monthly. It features 1 beacon UUID, 1 location, and 1 card design.

  • Growth Plan

Growth Plan starts at $39 monthly. It features 3 beacon UUIDs, 3 card designs, 10 sub-users, 3 locations, and card customizations.

  • Ultimate Plan

The Ultimate Plan comes at $50 monthly. It includes data export, 50 sub-users, 10 card designs, 10 beacon UUIDs, 10 locations, unique customer enrollments and card customizations.


Goody was established as a universal loyalty system way back in 2014. It is ideal for different businesses including beauty salons. It can help you to establish good customer relationships which can increase the recognition of your brand.


  • It allows businesses to make custom, points-based loyalty programs with coupons and rewards
  • Comes with marketing, loyalty rewards, and customer relationship management tools
  • The loyalty program is equipped with advanced features like sending coupons to encourage visits to new locations, sharing points on locations, and alerts for point redemption or suspicious transactions


  • High cost at the premium plan


The prices are available during the consultation, but the company stated that the plans begin at $79 monthly.

  • Basic Plan

The Basic Plan features a loyalty card system, data export, double or triple point days, birthday campaigns, email campaigns, segmentation, coupon campaigns, point balance reminders, campaign, and store reporting as well as staff and fraud alerts. It also includes marketing automation, chat, and email support, a tablet registration app for members, and up to one app integration.

  • Professional Plan

The Professional Plan for Goody includes all the features in the Basic Plan. It also has up to 2 app integrations.

How Loyalty Programs Work?

Loyalty programs can benefit both the customers and the business. It can save money for your customers by getting discounts, promotions, and free products. On the other hand, you can also increase the credibility of your brand. Thus, you can establish long-lasting customer relationships that can help you to win the trust of many customers. The more repeat customers you have, you can make your business more profitable.

Does Loyalty Programs Worth It?

Yes, loyalty programs are worth it for the success and development of your business. It can help you to achieve the goals of your business in a more practical and time-saving manner. It is helpful to enhance the experience of your customers while dealing with your business. Your happy and satisfied customers can also recommend your products or services to their colleagues.


There we go, so that is the best loyalty program for beauty salons. You can choose the ones that can help your business gain more loyal customers. Using loyalty programs is also beneficial to win the trust of your target audience. What are you waiting for? Increase the profits of your beauty salon with a loyalty program!

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