5 Essential Factors for Finding a Commercial Laundry Service in Broomfield, CO

The city of Broomfield is one of the most populous counties in the US state of Colorado. Its balanced residential and commercial land use makes the city one of the most preferred places to settle in. But no matter wherever you are, you can’t skip the house chores, laundry being one of them.

Thankfully, the professional laundry service in Broomfield CO is always there to help if you are way too bogged down in work and terribly preoccupied.

The Challenges of Finding a Reliable Commercial Laundry Service in Broomfield, CO

Perhaps you have moved to Broomfield recently due to work, and evidently, the city is still a stranger to you. But your boss needs you to join immediately and you don’t have a washing machine yet.

Amid all of this, looking for a laundry store, visiting it, learning about their services sound arduous. Plus, you have no idea about their quality of service or how long they take to deliver the washed and pressed clothes.

You need a servicing agency on whom you can depend more and worry less. So here are the 5 most essential factors to consider while choosing a laundry service in Broomfield CO:


When you are in a rush, you barely have time to travel all the way to the laundry store. For instance, if you live around Aspen Creek, one of Broomfield’s most popular neighborhoods and the laundry shop is a few miles away, you would much appreciate a pick-up service.

The laundry agencies offering pick-up and at-home delivery facilities will need you to pack your dirty clothes in a bag before the driver arrives at your door or a convenient location. Just make sure not to use any baskets, several agencies do not accept that.


Broomfield City and county can be identified by unity and pride. Apparently, no laundry service would be way too expensive, yet picking one too cheap would limit the options.  Therefore, get the sense of the going rate, which is around $1.99/lbs. For weekly or bi-weekly services, it would cost you about $1.89/lbs.


You have to get to work every day, and fresh, clean clothes are no luxury but necessity. If a laundry service takes more than 3 days to send you your garments, or often fail to honor their commitments, avoid those service providers.

A few of the reputed agencies will deliver you perfectly washed clothes within 2 days. If you want them to put your clothes on the hanger, they will follow. However, that’s generally an extra service.

Washing and Drying

Every laundry agency uses a standard detergent and softener and has its ways to dry them up. But if you are allergic to any particular detergent, you can always let them know and discuss the alternatives.

Cleaning Bedding Materials

Your bedding materials, like comforters, pillows, and sleeping bags, need to be washed occasionally. Try to find a service provider in Broomfield that takes care of these as well at a flat rate.

You must remember to put the ones in a different bag you want to be dry cleaned. The laundry service in Broomfield Co that you choose would strictly follow your instructions in accordance with the state regulations to provide you with satisfactory services every single time.

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