Best Cities for Single Professionals

Being a single professional can be an extremely freeing lifestyle: but where do you move to enjoy it the most?  These are the top cities for single pros and why they’re such good fits!

What Matters in a City for Single Professionals?

If you’re considering a city for single professionals, there have to be a few things in line to make it attractive.  The first is that it has to have booming industries that are interesting to work in.  These give younger professionals the chance to get into a role that they’ll be able to climb the corporate ladder.

These cities also have to have an active bar and club scene for entertainment, as well as countless fun opportunities like concerts and live shows so you can get to know other singles.

Portland, Oregon

Portland may be the best city to move to if you’re ready to get a fresh start!  This city is home to countless startups and eco-friendly businesses.  There’s a large nightlife here, allowing you to cut loose and have fun at the end of a long work week, and the work-life balance culture you’ll find here can be extremely refreshing for such a big city.  Although it can take time to get used to the push to bike to and from work and the amazing green projects the city offers, it’s worth the move.

Boston, Massachusetts

If you want to move somewhere that will be as exciting for your personal life as it can be for your professional life: you’ll want to start looking at Boston houses for sale.  Boston is one of the most interesting cities in the country, with a long political history, as well as tons of fun things to see and do.  This is a great place to live and work, and even though it can be pricey, it’s the most affordable city on this list!

Chicago, Illinois

Chicago is awesome for single pros because it’s a fantastic city to get to know yourself in.  From endless employment opportunities like Fortune 500 companies and tech startups to the awesome public transit and nonstop entertainment and live shows: you’ll love getting to know this city.  Although it’s pricey, the apartments here are fairly large, which will allow you to spread out a little more.

What Moving Mistakes to Avoid

There are a few mistakes that can leave you open for a rough move if you’re not careful.  The first mistake is avoiding looking for work before you move out to the area.  It’s vital that you try to find a job before you move, since these are expensive cities, and it can be hard to settle in otherwise.

Refusing to save any money before you move can also be a huge issue.  You need to be able to afford to get housing, so it’s a good idea to save at least three months of living expenses before you even consider moving to these areas.

Another mistake is refusing to live with someone else, or get a roommate, even if you need one.  Having a roommate can give you built-in socialization, and a guide to the city, while also helping you afford monthly bills until you’re more established.

Everyone Wants the Best Professional Start

We all want to start our careers on the right foot.  If you’re ready to get into the workforce, and make a name for yourself, consider moving to one of these amazing cities first!

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