Benefits of A Rochester Area Preschool For Your Kids

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By Jaylin

Looking for a preschool in Western New York for your child can be a bit overwhelming. This is your child, after all, and you only want what’s best for him or her. Should you take him to a rural school nearby? Or maybe another one in the city will do? Before you overthink and look any farther, in the literal sense of the word, for the answer, why not consider Rochester schools? 

Although there are numerous schools out there, you can’t help but be meticulous in choosing the best. If you haven’t decided fully yet, you can check out each website of these Rochester schools. 

In the meantime, listed below are the benefits of a Rochester area preschool for your kids:

1. You Are Assured Of  An Environment Where Your Kid Will Be Challenged. 

It is an acknowledged fact that Rochester’s students are among the best in the United States. In 2003, Newsweek, for instance, came up with a list of top public high schools that have the strongest advanced placement and international baccalaureate programs. More than three Rochester schools were included in the list. 

The Daily Beast also came up with its own list of smartest cities in the United States, and Rochester did not fail to impress again. In short, even outside organizations have acknowledged that Rochester is not short of students who are intellectually gifted. It only means that they challenge their students intellectually in class.

2. You Are Assured Of An Environment Where Your Kid Will Be Nurtured.

However, it’s not only all about challenging the child to do better in Rochester. Teachers in the city are known to really care for their students. In fact, they go the extra mile for them. 

The good thing is that in Rochester, this type of behavior is reinforced through rewards and incentives. The Rochester Teachers Association founded the Rochester Teachers Care to emphasize the dedication and hard work of exemplary teachers in the city through professionally produced videos. The initiative was made possible by a grant from the state union New York State United Teachers.   

When you have a system in place that rewards good behavior, you give the go-signal for this type of behavior to be replicated and allow it to flourish. 

Research has shown that the optimal learning environment is one where a child is challenged and nurtured at the same time.  

3. You Are Assured Of Support For Your Child Even Outside The School.

In Rochester, people place such a high premium on quality education, even those who are not in the teaching profession or in government are doing something about it. 

In 2003, the Rochester Education Foundation, for example, was launched to help the students in the city succeed. The foundation is an independent and non-partisan organization that centers on raising funds for the children. It is independent of the Rochester City District, which means it relies on donations of businesses and private individuals to fund its programs for children.

Some of its programs include the Wilson Outdoors Club, which enables the students to enjoy outdoor activities, for example. The foundation also distributes musical instruments to students to stimulate their artistic side.

As a parent, you want your child to study in a pro-active community whose members encourage learning and help each other get there.

4. You Are Assured Of A Child-Friendly Environment Even Outside The Classroom.

Rochester is a child-friendly and family-friendly city, so even when outside the classroom, you can be assured your child is in good hands. The city has been named as one of the best cities to raise families and children in the United States by Kiplinger and Forbes. It’s because it values child safety, and its people are just the genuine kind who love kids.

However, it’s not only because of these but also because the city itself has a lot to offer to stimulate learning among the children. 

The city has the Strong National Museum of Play, for instance, which operates on the basic principle that children learn best when they are playing. The museum is designed to pique the curiosity and stimulate the imagination of kids of all ages with attractions that include an indoor butterfly garden,  a pretend grocery-store and obstacle courses. It is free of charge for children below 2 years old. 

The Rochester Museum and Science Center is also a must-see, with its exhibits that explain complicated scientific concepts in simpler terms to children and adults alike.

Nowhere is the statement “learning is a continuous process” truer than in Rochester, where children learn new things even when they’re outside the classroom. 


If you want a school that takes the welfare of the child and childcare safety to heart, then a Rochester preschool is the way to go. 

Rochester schools have had a long history of producing figures who are well-rounded and who care. But it is not only the schools that make this possible. Students have the entire community to thank for creating a nurturing and loving environment. 

In Rochester, everyone is willing to pitch in for the development of the child. And who wouldn’t want that?

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