Award Trophy Design Tips

Creating awards helps motivate your employees and thank clients. Having a trophy design in mind makes it easier for everyone involved! For instance, knowing which ceremony to attend or what award you’ll get.

However, creating an award trophy that fits the occasion is tricky. To help you out, we’ve created this beginner’s guide for designing award trophy design. Keep reading to learn more!

Design Starts With Quality Materials

Regarding trophy design, it is important to start with quality materials. Depending on the budget, brass and bronze are both timeless metals.

These are commonly used in the construction of award trophies. They provide a combination of beautiful aesthetics along with durability.

Create a Unique Shape

Creating a unique shape for a trophy is an important aspect of trophy design. The shape should represent the organization or the significance of the award. Think of the purpose of the trophy and the style or feel you want the trophy to portray.

It could represent an idea or a concept related to the award. A creative approach combines several elements or shapes to create an original shape. Use symbols and icons that will capture the essence of the award in a sculptural form.

Make the Typography Distinctive

Another important thing to consider is the typography. It sets the overall tone and feel of the trophy, so it must be distinctive and impactful. Choose fonts that distinguish the message, event, and organization providing the trophy.

The chosen typeface should be legible and bold to ensure the intended message is seen and understood. Carefully select the type and size of the font – larger fonts for the main titles and smaller ones for the subtitles. Align text properly – left to right, center, or centered margins – based on the design.

Make Sure the Size Is Right

Size does matter when it comes to award trophies. It is important to pay attention to the recipient’s physical needs as well as the root purpose of the award. If the trophy is too large, it can be cumbersome to handle and store, while if it is too small, it can lack visibility and prestige.

It is best to assess the situation to choose the size of the trophy. For instance, opting for a larger size with multiple handles could be a good idea if you are selecting a trophy to recognize a team effort. However, a smaller or compact size with one central handle might be a better option if you choose a trophy for an individual’s extraordinary contributions.

Add Your Brand Image

This can be done by considering aspects such as materials and colors used, lettering, and any logos or images that may be incorporated into the trophy. It is also important to consider the design of this award in relation to the award type, keeping it consistent with the event’s theme and any company images. So, visit this site to pick out a customized trophy today!

Create Your Award Trophy Today

Creating the perfect award trophy design can be challenging, but the tips mentioned in this article can help simplify the process. Take the time to recognize the contributions of your awardees with the perfect trophy!

With some thought, you can have a trophy that stands out and celebrates the accomplishment! Start designing today!

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