The Inspiring Journey of Andre A. Hakkak From Entrepreneurial Success

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Andre A. Hakkak has been a symbol of achievement, creativity, and social work. He is an entrepreneur and investor without the support of other individuals. He is also a great philanthropist. Hakkak had created a world of business from the basic level. The approximate net worth is around $500 million. In the 1980s, Andre was born in Iran and he shifted to the United States of America. To pursue higher education, he developed a future in the field of technology. He has an expertise of more than 30 years. Hakkak had become a public figure in the group of entrepreneurs. In the article of elivestory, we come to know about Andre A. Hakkak.

Companies Associated with Andre Hakkak in His Career

In the beginning of 1990s, the financial career of Hakkak had begun. He had been associated with a number of companies connected with finance. He had contributed in the field of private equity and investment banking. He achieved amazing knowledge about the market in finance.

American Capital

Andre Hakkak had worked for American Capital in the last phase of 1990s. This is a top company associated with private equity. He gained good knowledge from different deals. He had worked as an investment strategist in this company.

White Oak Global Advisors

Andre Hakkak became a co-founder of White Oak Global Advisors in 2007. In this company, he was involved in private credit. He had served SME. He had sound knowledge of term loans, leasing loans, and asset-based loans. He had offered services related to loans. On behalf of the company, he gave capital for the business development. There is huge growth of the firm as the company has dealt with assets worth billions of dollars. Hakkak had created a strategy and he was deeply interested in the market. He had kept close watch over the company and guaranteed uniform growth. He had observed the different economic cycles of the firm. The headquarters of the company is located in San Francisco, California.

White Oak Capital Corp

From 5th May, 2010, Andre Hakkak has been associated as a President at White Oak Capital Corp. White Oak Capital Corp. presents investment activities and it deals with the portfolio for the senior secured loans. The firm has its headquarters in San Francisco, CA.

Panasas, Inc.

Andre Hakkak is a director or board member at Panasas, Inc. Panasas, Inc. offers solutions for storage. It presents the applications on technical grounds. It involves the workload of data. The company offers energy, bioscience, finance, manufacturing, government, university markets, and media. The firm was established by Frederic Roy Carlson, Garth Gibson, and William Courtright. The year of establishment was 1999. The headquarters of the company is located in Sunnyvale, CA.

LDF Group Holdco. Ltd

On June 28, 2018, Andre Hakkak was a director and board member of LDF Group Holdco. Ltd. This is a portion of the White Oak Europe Acquisition Ltd. It is a British firm where there is investment holding. LDF Group Holdco works for investment holding.

White Oak Europe Ltd

On May 7, 2016, Andre Hakkak was a director or board member at White Oak Europe Ltd. White Oak Europe Ltd. represents a British firm established in 2016. It works on the subsidiaries and it offers services like a financial brokerage. This is a private firm whose headquarters is in Flintshire, UK. There are subsidiaries across the United Kingdom.

White Oak Europe Acquisition Ltd

On March 13, 2018,  Andre Hakkak a director or board member of White Oak Europe Acquisition Ltd. White Oak Europe Acquisition Ltd. has its headquarters in Flintshire, UK. The company is British in origin and it works in the financial services industry. White Oak Europe Acquisition Ltd. represents a holding firm established in 2018.

The job of Andre Hakkak in 3 Sectors

Andre Hakkak has worked in three sectors in his career and they are as follows:

  1. Finance
  2. Electronic Technology
  3. Consumer services

Pursuits of Andre Hakkak in Business and Job



The job of Andre A Hakkak in the wonderful world of technology goes over 30 years. He had begun the job in the post of a software engineer who had worked for IBM in the last part of the 1980s.

Microsoft and Oracle

He had been involved with other popular companies on technology. It consists of Microsoft and none other than Oracle.

Personal Business

In the beginning of the 2000s, a decision had been taken by Hakkak who jumped freely and began his own trade.

Consultation on Technology

The initial business of Hakkak includes the consultation company on technology. He had established with some members of his team. The firm had acquired success and it had become the top provider for services related to information technology in the area.

Different Businesses of Andre A. Hakkak

The vibe of an entrepreneur of Andre A. Hakkak along with the dream for creativity permitted him to begin a number of businesses.

  • It consists of a software development company.
  • There is a data analytics company.
  • A company is made on the fund for venture capital.

Andre A. Hakkak as An Investor

Andre A.Hakkak represents an experienced entrepreneur and expert investor. He had made an investment in different startups. There were companies at the initial stage. The portfolio of investment of Hakkak consists of the following:

  • Healthcare
  • Technology
  • Finance

Andre Hakkak a Philanthropist

  • Other than the initiatives of business, there were investments. Hakkak had been a committed philanthropist.
  • He had made a donation for different charitable projects.
  • It consists of healthcare and education assignments.
  • Hakkak has been assisting organizations that strengthen young entrepreneurs.
  • They offer information for the poor groups.

Inspiring Life of Entrepreneur Andre A. Hakkak

Andre Hakkak had made investments in financial assets. He had made a commitment to business. According to Forbes, the net worth of Andre A. Hakkak is approximately $500 million. He is a successful entrepreneur. He had taken the steps in an intelligent way.

How Andre Hakkak got Success as an Entrepreneur

The path of achievement for Andre Hakkak has been truly inspiring. It included important learning for business leaders and entrepreneurs. We can explore the reason behind his success in entrepreneurship. They are as follows:

●        Get ready to conduct risks:

The decision of Andre A. Hakkak is to begin a personal business. As we know, starting a business involves some risk. In order to be a good businessman, the business owner has to take calculated risks.

●        Be adjustable:

 The job of Hakkak has crossed several sectors. He had shown the capacity to adjust to new circumstances. There were challenging situations. It is important for the achievement of business.

●        Offer something in return:

The social work of Hakkak shows the priority of offering something to the group. The businessman had the role to utilize the tools to create a positive feeling for the world.

Will Andre Hakkak be Remembered for His Humanitarian Work?

  • The philanthropic initiative of Andre A. Hakkak had a major effect on the group. It concentrates on learning and healthcare.
  • The donations had assisted the organizations which offer resources to poor groups.
  • It strengthens young businessmen and offers reach to high standard learning and health facilities.

Will Andre A. Hakkak be Recognized as A Source of Inspiration in Education?

  • Hakkak was a supporter for some time in the drive for education. It has identified the priority of reaching a good standard of learning for strengthening people and groups.
  • He had shared donations for the associations. It offers mentorship and scholarships.
  • There were materials for education for the poor pupils.
  • The organization has a name e.g., “Hakkak Scholarship Fund.” It offers scholarships to those students who are chasing higher education.
  • Education is prevalent in the fields of technology, science, and engineering, along with mathematics or STEM.
  • More than 100 students got assistance from the fund. There were some students who got really great success in particular areas.

What is The Inspiring Journey of Entrepreneur Andre Hakkak in Healthcare?

  • Hakkak had assisted in the projects of healthcare. He had identified the priority of reaching a good standard of healthcare in guaranteeing wellness of people and groups.
  • He had offered financial support for the associations.
  • He offered medical support and financial assistance at the time of research.
  • He presented services connected with healthcare for the poor groups.
  • The name of the association is Hakkak Healthcare Foundation. It offers information related to medicine.
  • There were services connected with healthcare for the poor groups.
  • At present, the foundation has offered assistance to more than 10,000 people.
  • They had got life-saving treatment in medicine.

How Andre Hakkak Became A Source of Inspiration in Economic Growth?

  • The assistance of Andre A. Hakkak for business and economic growth identified the priority of strengthening businessmen and startup owners. It boosts the development of the economy.
  • He had supported the organizations which offered the information and guidance.
  • He supported the businessman financially.
  • There were also startup owners who got the financial assistance.

How Do We Get Motivation from The Accomplishments of Entrepreneur Andre A. Hakkak?

  • This is a major accomplishment of White Oak under the leadership of Andre A. Hakkak. This is responsible for the creative outcome of financing.
  •  By offering customized credit for small and medium-scale enterprises, the company has assisted a number of trades to grow and succeed.
  • The approach supported the firms in a direct way. On the other hand, it shared an extensive development of the economy.
  • An important success is our affirmative effect on the economy. White Oak had established itself through reaching the capital for the SMEs.
  •  The company had assisted in the formation of jobs and the group.
  • It had a remarkable effect helping in the stability of the economy and development for different areas across the world.

What are The Inspiring Plans of Andre Hakkak in The Future?

  • In order to see the future, Andre Hakkak is going to have a clear idea for development and creativity. He had planned to increase the access of White Oak.
  • They had found new zones and formed an item related to finance. It fulfilled the rising requirement for trade.
  • It is a progressive way that guarantees that our White Oak is the leader in the sector.
  • The dream of Hakkak consists of a regular concentration of assisting the small and medium scale enterprise.
  • He has faith that there are businesses which are important for economic growth. It is going to offer the instruments of finance.
  • The goal is to assist in reaching success. The commitment involved supporting the development and creativity will change the days to come for White Oak and the wide background of finance.

What is The Contribution of Andre Hakkak at White Oak Global Advisors?

  • Andre A. Hakkak represents the Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder for White Oak Global Advisors, LLC. This is briefly known as WOGA.
  • He had worked in the post of co-portfolio manager along with the member of the Investment Committee for White Oak from 2007.
  • WOGA involves the top debt manager who is an expert in launching and offering financing outcomes to help in the development.
  • There was recapitalization and refinancing for the small and medium enterprises.
  • There were affiliates of finance and WOGA offered more than 20 items for lending products for the market.
  • It had been created on the asset and there loans for the equipment.
  • We had encountered the fields of the economy. From the start of 2007, WOGA has been deployed.
  •  It has been found that more than $8 billion round lines.
  • They were using a disciplined investment process. It focuses on delivering risk-adjusted investment returns to investors while establishing long term partnerships with our borrowers.

How Does Andre Hakkak deal with Difficult Situations in Business

  • Andre A. Hakkak had adopted the challenges as the major steps irrespective of the hurdles.
  • Andre observes every difficulty in the form of a chance for development.
  • Using the strength in the form of the competitor, he had the willpower to deal with the problems coming across the path.
  • Creativity, commitment, and dedication for excellence include the basic aspect of the plans of Andre A. Hakkak. It offers the path for achievement in the initiatives.


The net worth of Andre A. Hakkak shows the proof of the effort, capability as a businessman, and witty steps in investment. In spite of the fact, the endeavors in philanthropy show the dedication for donating to a particular group. It creates an affirmative effect across the world.

Using the financial assistance of education, entrepreneurship and healthcare endeavors, Hakkak had influenced the lives of people and groups. The legacy is going to motivate the generations in the days to come. These people have been identified as businessmen, leaders, and benefactors.

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