Advantages of Pallet Racking

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Pallet racking is the most efficient way of utilizing space and providing easy access to the items placed on them. Pallet racking provides safety, increases a good’s life and helps to keep things organized in a business. Investing in pallet racking can never be a bad investment for a business as it really helps you boost your business by providing better service to customers.

Types of pallet racking

There are mainly four types of pallet racking. All of them are discussed below in brief:

Floor stacking – In this method of racking the pallets are placed on the floor on by one in a row or rows. Even though type of racking occupies a lot of floor space but on the other hand, it saves you from investing in expensive equipment to sort your stacks.

Selective pallet rack – selective pallet racking is the most commonly seen racking nowadays. Majority of the warehouses today use this racking system because it provides a very neat and organized form of storing goods. The only disadvantage of selective pallet racking is that you will have to buy equipment like pallet jacks along with mini trucks to access these pallets.

Drive-in and drive-through pallet rack system- To access these racks fork trucks are required which drive in directly to the required place to pick up the stack. It has a high storage capacity but accessibility to all pallets is quite difficult.

Pallet flow rack system – This type of racking is based on the principle of gravity. A gravity powered conveyor is placed on the rack which can be pulled below to access your rack and once it is empty the second rack is placed after it, ready to be used.

Benefits of pallet racking

The benefits of pallet racking are given below:

  • Pallet racking system provides optimum utilization of space. This is the reason that pallet racking is extensively being used in manufacturing units and warehouses where a huge storage space is required.
  • Safety is another advantage of this system. The pallet racks are carefully designed keeping in mind the weight that it needs to bear and hence they are extremely stable and reliable to use.
  • These racks are made from durable materials which make these racks last for a very long period. The durable material used in it allows it to hold heavy pallets without any issue.
  • Accessibility is the most important and the best part about pallet racking. These racks are easily accessible by using forklifts or pallet jacks which is why it the most preferred type of racking these days.
  • Pallet racking is easy to install. It may seem a little expensive but the advantages that it provides and the durability it offers makes it worth every penny you spend on it.

Running your business in an organized manner is the biggest concern for any businessman in the world today. And when it comes to places like warehouses and production units, the organized manner of storing things is the most important aspect.

In a warehouse or production unit, if you do not have proper storing facilities then that may lead to improper handling which is the root cause of losses at these places. If you really want to boost up your business, then installing pallet racking can never be a wrong decision as this investment is full of benefits. Pallet racking is not only limited to warehouses and production units but some retailers, wholesalers and other businessmen also select this method to keep their goods safe and for easy access.

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